Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

This time Stacey talks fabulous Dredd and Insurrection artist Colin MacNeil into chatting through Prog 12 with her. This is a long, slightly rambly and slightly inebriated episode which therefore has a surprising lack of swearing but some disgusterous perving by The Whittle over MACH1. Disgusting. All complaints as usual in triplicate to Flintlockjaw USA.

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Flint and Rich are joined by Jimmy Aquino of the Comic News Insider podcast to check out prog 1874 and see if it works both for newbies like Jimmy and jaded old c*nts like Flint and Rich.

As always, swearing and general stupidity.

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Megacast episode 342. Iz and The Whittle attempt to get back to speed reviewing Megazine 342 - with added smut brought to you by Pete Wells.

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Flint and Luke talk about Lukes Kickstarter project and both review 1873 before the jump on issue!

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Judge Pal (David Wynn) pops by to review 1872 with Flint!

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ECBT2000AD Ep158 - Flint and Burdis review IDW's excellent Rogue Trooper and Prog 1871!

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Flint is joined by comics legend Pat Mills for the final instalment of this three part Q&A

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Flint is joined by comics legend Pat Mills for part two of this three part Q&A

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The Whittle chats to Savage, Grey Area and Aquilla artist Patrick Goddard about good old Bill, Dangermouse, how hard it is to draw cars and the immaculate artwork of Dave Gibbons. This is Programme 11. With some sound issues here and there - apologies for that!

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Flint is joined by comics legend Pat Mills for part one of another mammoth conversation

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