Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

 ECBT2000AD Ep252

Dredd Dead? A little bit of Diss andDat!

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ECBT2000AD Ep251

Obama and Brexit make Johns head explode, Steve's butchering of Irish/English relations makes Flints head explode and creator rights and royalties make Steves head explode. basically a lot of exploding heads this episode.


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ECBT2000AD Ep:250
Usually stuff minus Mr. Burdis...the reason is revealed in the first minute of the Progcast!

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ECBT2000AD Ep 249

'The Jump-Off Progs continue...Cursed Earth Uncensored, Film School and Master of the Flying Gila Monster!

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ECBT2000ad EP 248

Jump-Off Prog Review, Batman Vs Superman spoilers galore and Steve's Con adventure!

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ECBT2000AD Ep:247
The Three Stooges talk about speed lines and Popsicle Twins!

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'The Devil In The Blue Dress', Ru Paul and Drag Queens, Daredevil Netflix show and of course the Prog.

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ECBT2000AD Ep:245
The Trials and Tribulations of Mr. B! Plus THAT cover!

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ECBT2000AD Ep244

Politics, Smolotics! Burdis gets der happy stick in the face! Take from that what you will.

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InkyFingers: Episode 19 -

In this episode Julius and Simon discuss NICE and ICE

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