Everything Comes Back to 2000AD (general)

Flint and Luke check out progs 1766 & 7

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After an extended leave of absence planning comic cons and editing small press anthologies, the ladies are back in a Mega catch up episode working through issues 313-319 of the Megazine.

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Rich and Flint are joined by Pete Wells of the 2000AD Covers Uncovered website to go through their favourite covers of 2011

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Flint and Luke check out progs 1764 & 65

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Flint is joined by Luke and Al to check out the big end of year 2012 special edition.

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2000AD writer Mike Carroll takes time to answer questions posed by members of the 2000AD forums and visitors to the ECBT2000AD website

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Episode 71

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Flint is joined by Al Sparrow to work through progs 1760 & 61.

As always the progs in question are spoiled and the language isnt suitable for the kiddies

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Rich is joined by Dredd artist Ben Willsher to discuss blowing Dredd's brains out, motorbike porn, Doctor Who and juducial bikini waxes.

Some of the audio fades out a once or twice. Did what I could to fix it so hopefully not too disruptive.

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Flint and Luke check out progs 1758 & 59

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