Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

After seeing the film, Rich gets Iz REALLY drunk and tricks her into recording a 20 minute review of the Dredd movie

Its messy but on the plus side it's mercifully short

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In a spoiler free half hour, Iz is joined by John Burdis and Pete Wells, both of whom were in attendance at the special advance fan screening of Dredd. They give their opinion of the film, again WITHOUT spoilers, and also their take on the event also attended by, amongst others, Alex Garland, Karl Urban, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

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Covering Megazine's 322 and 323, taking us up to May 2012...and there's a rumour circulating that Stace and Iz might be recording next week to get completely up to date.

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Flint and special guest John 'Commando Forces' Burdis work their way through progs 1795 and 1796. Flint screws up nearly every strip description and John laments about everything that's wrong in comics today.

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Recorded waaaaay back in March, we have just had the nod from the Nerve Centre that Tharg the Mighty (and his minions) approve this podcast episode.

Stace and Iz talk to Mike Molcher about everything Rebellion-related & attempt (unsuccessfully) to pump him for confidential information. Humph.

Due to the delay in releasing this into the wild, some of the info is a little dated, but we've kept it all in anyway (in other words, we didn't want to re-edit it!).

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Flint and Rich get together to work through progs 1793 & 1794 so usual rules apply -  take a drink every time Flint mentions boobs for no reason at all or when Rich slurrs.

As always when they record it gets more sweary and offensive than usual and of course the progs looked at are gone over in detail so expect heavy spoilers. And if this one bugs you, you shoulda heard it before I cut out the REAL nasty stuff. We're terrible human beings.

End music by Digital Daughter and used with permission

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Flint and Luke have differences over Dantes ending...or is it?

Progs 1791-92

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Flint and Al go through 1789 and 90!
Lots of bleeping as Flint goes into a rant,

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After a traditional delay, Stacey and Iz talk about Megs 320 and 321, and for perhaps the first time ever, aren't nice about *everything*.  We were hoping for our Molch-R interview podcast to have gone up between this one and our last Bristol panel podcast but it's still being reviewed by the Nerve Centre. Megs 322 onwards will be covered in another podcast soon. Possibly.

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Flint and Luke get stuck into progs 1786, 1787 and 1788

As always the progs are discussed in detail so expect spoilers

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