Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Flint and Rich get together for a quick 30 minute run through of the new Dredd trailer.

No spoilers but the usual language.

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In a bout of unprofessionalism that is epic even for this podcast, Richard realises two minutes in that he's read the wrong progs so has to just wing it. Despite that him and Flint work through progs 1783-85 in their usual subtle manner and decide at the end to just post the thing unedited. Well... apart from one incredibly libelous rant at the beginning which got cut out. We're not THAT stupid.

As always, the progs are spoiled, the language is unsuitable for the easily offended and the jokes are crap.

Enjoy  :)


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A little bit behind in this one. Flint and Luke discuss Progs 1781 and 1782. Listeners beware...Flint rant!

Again, not for kiddies.

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This special edition is a recording of the 2000AD Panel the girls of the Megacast hosted at this years Bristol Comic Expo. In attendance are D’Israeli, Ian Edginton, Henry Flint, Al Ewing, Boo Cook, T.C. Eglinton, Patrick Goddard, Ben Willsher and John Higgins.

Due to the nature of this live recording the audio quality isn't brilliant and in order to make everyone audible it's had to be digitally resampled a few times so apologies for the less than crystal clear audio throughout.

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The 1995 Judge Dredd movie is once again picked over and picked on by John 'Commando Forces' Burdis, Jon Davis-Hunt and Ben Willsher (with Iz McAuliffe standing in for Rich). The guys had huge sound issues so please excuse the not-so-brilliant sound quality, and they also experienced a lot of tech issues so the conversation is a bit choppy to say the least...and as a final kick in the nuts, Iz didn't successfully save the very last part of the conversation so it ends a bit abruptly.

As its discussing the Stallone Dredd movie you'll probably wish it ended even more abruptly  :)

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Flint and Rich take a shot at podcasting without a net. No editing. No cutting out the nasty bits. Record it, post it, job done.

So... apologies for any uncorrected sound issues or stupidity

Progs 1779 & 80 are reviewed in detail so expect spoilers

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Flint and Luke check out progs 1777 & 1778

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Flint is joined by Luke to check out progs 1775 & 1776

As always the progs are discussed in detail so expect spoilers

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Rich and Flint check out progs 1772-74 and generally swear and piss about a lot.

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Flint, Al and Luke check out progs 1770 and 1771

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