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Everything Comes Back To 2000AD

Feb 27, 2013

For the first time ever, the podcast that sounds like it's recorded in the pub actually DOES get recorded in the pub as Richard is joined by Dredd and Savage artist Patrick Goddard to discuss current and future projects as well as taking questions submitted by the 2000AD forum

Feb 26, 2013

After a prolongued absence, Iz and The Whittle review the Cardiff Expo special edition of The Megazine (or issue 332 to the uninitiated)

Feb 23, 2013

Flint and Luke are joined by the Lord of the drink himself as they review 1818 and 1819. Not for the squeamish!

Feb 10, 2013

Pat and Flint continue their chat about Savage Tax Accountant

Feb 8, 2013

Pat Mills is back with a vengeance!!! Book 1 of 18. Just kidding...
Dredd movie, Marshal Law, Slaines 30th, Belardinelli, Misty and Dan Dare!