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Everything Comes Back To 2000AD

Jun 27, 2022

Same Old, Same Old!

Jun 20, 2022

Lawless Con talk. What Small Press comics did John pick up? 'V2A'!
Kickstarter Korner with The77, Super CC Volume 2, White Heat!
Plus the prog review.

Jun 17, 2022

Flint flies solo
Cringeworthy flashback from 2010. The audio is a bit wacky in this one. It's painful...but it's short! (That's what she said!)

Jun 6, 2022

No Fuss, No Muss!
Straight into the panel with your host John Burdis and the Pandora crew, Jo Heely, Lola Bonato and Andrew Richmond.

Jun 6, 2022

Kickstarter Update! Obi-Wan, The Offer and Rossy Plinkett reviews the Dredd comic strip!