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Everything Comes Back To 2000AD

Sep 26, 2022


John gets banned/blocked. Rossy talks about modern views in old movies or something like that...I wasn't listening. Also we review ZOOO AD and how good is that Dredd and Ampney Crucis art? BRILLIANT!!!

Sep 19, 2022

Meet the likely lads behind the latest Kickstarter sensation - BLAZER!
Also, this podcast is so scattershot! Rossy is late and John sleeps in! YES! I kid you not - John misses the start because of his beauty sleep!
Flint starts off talking to Ben Conan Cullis and then is later joined by Rossy, John and then Steve (four...

Sep 14, 2022

Can you guess the movie John hasn't seen but everyone else of his generation has?
Spitfires! David Broughton Rules! Elephantmen Facebook Group.
And the prog review, sigh!

Sep 6, 2022

We skip the 'Regened' issue and continue with 2297. More insane chat and mucking about!