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Everything Comes Back To 2000AD

Nov 28, 2022

Old Man Shouts at Movie Screen!

Rossy is not impressed with 'The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special' or 'Black Adam'. Flint thinks it needs She-Hulk. ;-) John likes both.
Rob Williams loves trolling 2000ad readers. 'Blazer' issue 3 gets a quick review. Its the best yet. All this and the Prog review.

Nov 21, 2022


Sam has got World Cup Fever! The lads look at the 'Absalom' Animation pilot. John talks 'Black Adam'. Rossy has seen 'Wakanda Forever' and probably wishes he didn't. Flint has seen 'The Wonder' and 'Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris!'. Oh...and we do the Prog review!

Nov 15, 2022


Fresh from fighting hippies on the motorway...John shows up! Flint watches 'Ancient Apocalypse'. Can't remember what Rossy did! Usual Prog review...and we review 'This Comic is Haunted!'

Nov 7, 2022


John misses the Progcast because of protesters. Rossy talks about filipino Wonder Woman 'Darna' and gives an overview of the Regened prog as well as current prog stories. Flint reviews Bill Del Toros 'Cabinet of Curiosities' and turns off Moffats 'Inside Man' because it's terrible. A 2000ad and...