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Everything Comes Back To 2000AD

Mar 18, 2011

In this special episode Rich is joined by Lee and Stacey from the Small Press Big Mouth podcast, and also by 2000AD writer Alec Worley to discuss the Stallone Dredd movie. This is of course done over a few beers but as the table was split 50/50 between haters and supporters there probably isnt, for once, as much swearing as you'd expect.

Special guest appearance by my effin Zippo lighter in the last 20 minutes (sorry)


eleven and a half years ago

Okay lastest try . . .
re: ABC Warrior in Dredd movie . . .
The way I remember it a 2000ad artist working on the movie (Kevin Walker?) designed a "generic" robot for the production.
Plenty much money was spent on building the thing and it was only when the 2000ad people were being given a tour of the production that the penny dropped and the production then had to buy the movie rights to the ABC Warriors if they wanted to use the expensive robot.