Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

The guys talk STUFF!!!!

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A Long Episode!
Thought Bubble, Big Bang Theory, There She Goes, Fighting Fantasy, Enola Holmes, The Crown, The Hunt, The Undertaker. Truthseekers and Liber-Rossy! Plus not one but two prog reviews!!!!

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Rossy sends John down the wrasslin' wabbit Hole! Mr. Ross likes well oiled muscle he-men. The Mandolorian. Flint is '60 Days In' on his social media ban. Caroline Munro. John gets his 'Spacewarp' and 'The'77' on. 

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Thanks to everyone that participated in the most successful Drokktober!

Old Universal horror movies. The haunting series. The Mandalorian Season 2...woohoo! John goes down the rabbit-hole. Cyclists and comedians! MASKS SAVE LIVES!

All this and the usual prog review.

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Flint talks 'Spacewarp' with The Godfather of British Comics himself - Pat Mills.

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