Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Sam! Stop Dancing!

A bit of Cockney. Checkpoint Cinema. Benny Hill. Plus the Prog review.

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John Reads The Letters!

Rossy and his man-pig hybrid! Lets Go Brexit Brandon! Flint - The Scorpion King! Drokktober!
All this and the Prog review!

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Let's Go Brandon!

Drokktober continues! Flint has finished watching all 15 seasons of 'Supernatural' and he misses The Boys! Wokeman John goes a-travelling. Rossy is in a 'Killraven' mood. All this plus the usual Prog Review.

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Oh No! Not the Bees!!! Farmer Flint. There is NO Fraud!(There was Fraud!!!), Horror Hosts! Mutha Truckers! 'Free Guy','Midnight Mass'...plus the Jump-On? Prog Review.

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Drokktober! Flint goes Van Gogh. John's Prog Rant. Mr. Ross has never experienced real snow! Barrel of Fun! 'Call of Duty' Dredd. Plus the worst prog review ever!!!

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C'mon man!
Rossy updates us on his comic project. Vaccines and watch watching. John has been watching 'Blade of the Immortal'...stay for the long haul and listen to the hilarious 'Skip Tracer' round-up.

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Spoilers! Spoilers!

The lads go through their movie watching. Spoiler alert for 'Shang Chi' and 'News of the World'. Also other shenanigans and malarkey! Plus the Prog review.

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Watch The Stars!

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Seriously, only recorded this yesterday and still can't remember what the heck we were talking about. Probably something about the Titans TV show (Spoilers) and other stuff...trying our best to stall reviewing the prog and hopefully run out of time. Sucks getting old...oh wait...Flints dog got bitten by a rattlesnake and Flint goes all Machete on it's ass...

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Burdis Prime is Back Online!

The Gang catch up and Flint reviews indie 'kids???' comic 'Crackpot' and it's not good!

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John is still away on Vacay!

Flint sees 'Suicide Squad'. Rossy talks about 'Rurouni Kenshin'. 'The'77' quick review. The boys love it!

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Burdis Prime is on Holiday, Marvel Age of Comics, The Hunt, The Gold Cup...and Frank Miller and the Masters of the Universe!

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With John working on literally becoming 'Burdis Prime'...the very first ECBT co-host steps back in to talk to Rossy about terrible movies and Saturday Morning Cartoons. They also talk about the latest prog.

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Rossy's computer trouble. Black Widow, Loki spoilers. Flint gives his thoughts on the 'What if?' trailer. Futbol! Once you pop, you can't stop! Blah, blah, blah!

*there was fraud.

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Congrats to Sam for Graduating!!!

Space 1999. John gets a new job. Creepy Crawley is BACK!!! The Dreddful Sci-Fi Special. Flints mic picks up EVERYTHING!!! Don't send flowers to Johns funeral. Rossy MASK SAVES LIVES! Usual banal banter with the current prog review.

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Happy Day after 'Traitors Day'!
Larry, Curly and Moe are joined by Shemp as they talk about 'The Tomorrow War', the Prog as well as other trivial and non-trivial 'nonsense'.

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John visits more Elmers. Rossy talks comic book industry. Flint has a good laugh at a pointless 'Joint Communique'. All this plus the prog review...which includes 'Skip Tracer'...the pain never ends!!!!

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Flint is more grumpy than usual. John talks Elmer the Elephant. Rossy talks Eternals. Multiverses and YouTube Explosions plus not one...but TWO prog reviews!!!

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Flint has a brain-freeze and forgets all about lame US bike cop 'Zip Nolan'. The King of Scotland and we don't mean Wullie Russell. Don't SAS John. Driverless Cars. Lupin. Loki spoilers. The'77 Kickstarter. All this and the Prog review.

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Flint celebrates 'Pride' month by watching Tarzan movies. John teaches us how Britain saved the world from a great evil. Rossy fights being a sheeple. All this plus the 'Regened' issue!!!!

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The Original Blurb that came with this episode...

'Richard is joined by 2000AD writer Al Ewing to discuss important topics such as bubble wrap, project runway and beard management. Oh, and along the way theres also some Dredd, Zombo and other 2000AD related talk.'

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The guys talk the usual rubbish! MASKS SAVE LIVES!!!! etc plus...the prog review.

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The Lawless Virtual Convention. The'77 Comic book quick glance. Plus the prog review.

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The passing of a 2000ad Fan Legend. The Lestat Cave. Venice Beach Wrasslin'. 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier'.
Rossy's seedy side. Tawny Kitaen. Movies so bad. Kickstarter Korner. 'Lawless' Virtual Con. Plus the Prog review!

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The lads are back with more nonsense. 'Without Remorse', 'Let Him Go', 'Gods and Monsters'...plus our brain damaged trio review the prog. Well, kinda.

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Slaines Swansong!
Space b*st*rds, Wine, Love and Monsters, Mortal Kombat, Hermit Crabs, Cinema Purgatorio and 'I Am Burt Reynolds!'...all this plus the usual Prog review.

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Rossy talks about his latest project featuring a hot 'Hammer Horror' babe! Flint has seen 'Thunder Force' for God only knows what reason! Rossy watches Keanu in a Kung-Fu flick. We talk about the latest prog and complain like bitter old men! So...it's the usual progcast minus a grumpy Englishman from Kent. 

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The Perils of Painting Everyone with the Same Brush! 'Godzilla v Kong', 'Invincible'. Flint blows his nose and Rossy is the King of Energy drinks!

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Mr. Cholmondley-Warners Spanish Horse!

Justice League Snyder Cut. The Bullets of Justice. Rossy's Kickstarter Korner and 'B' Movie Roundup. The'77...and more Starcrash love!

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Normal service will be resumed shortly!

No new Progcast this week as Flint had a power outage! In the meantime...listen to this cringeworthy Blast from the Past!!!

Original Blurb: 'Richard is back, Flint is offensive, beers get drunk and progs 1680-83 get taken apart. Its ARSOM!!'

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Flint, John and Rossy are joined by '2000ad First Look' YouTube star Sam Morgan!
Flints damn sinus issues are acting up again!!!! Typos and screw-ups. 'Breach', 'SAS: Red Notice', 'Snowpiercer' tv series. Anime and series endings.

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Happy International Womens Day!

Canine Capers with Flint and his Missus. Rossy's 'Kickstarter Korner'. Flint's sinuses are acting up. John tells all about a crappy movie he saw that was so bad...it was good! All this and the latest Prog review.

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Luckiest Man on the Planet!
The River of Death! Literal Pooh Sticks! 'Sir MacHinery'. Kickstarter Korner with Mr. Ross. And the current Prog review.

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This week...John hates Dogs! Rossy does a Prog slog. Flint mentions a Megaverse member. 'Kickstarter Korner'. John reviews Rebellions 'School's Out Forever' and the usual Prog review.

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More shenanigans and malarkey from the terrible trio!

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'Why We Should All Hate The Scottish!'
Plus Double the Prog review pleasure. 

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The Award Winning Podcast where everyone loves the art!

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The gang are joined by 'Space Bastards' very own Eric Peterson. We talk about the Kickstarter campaign, which as has been fully funded by the time this progcast gets published! Hooray!!!

And we manage to fit in the Prog review.

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Ye Olde Blurb...again...doesn't age well.
'Rich takes a break as Flint and Stace go through progs 1677, 1678 and 1679. Nuff Said!'

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The gang is back from their two week break!
Johns Chinese takeaway adventure. Steve reads a Star Wars. Flint watched all The Twilight Zone series. Wonder Woman 1984. The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne....and the Prog review.

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While the crazy gang are waiting for the latest prog...here's another trip down the memory hole. This podcast is so old...Rafa Benitez was Liverpool manager!

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