Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Mr. Cholmondley-Warners Spanish Horse!

Justice League Snyder Cut. The Bullets of Justice. Rossy's Kickstarter Korner and 'B' Movie Roundup. The'77...and more Starcrash love!

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Normal service will be resumed shortly!

No new Progcast this week as Flint had a power outage! In the meantime...listen to this cringeworthy Blast from the Past!!!

Original Blurb: 'Richard is back, Flint is offensive, beers get drunk and progs 1680-83 get taken apart. Its ARSOM!!'

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Flint, John and Rossy are joined by '2000ad First Look' YouTube star Sam Morgan!
Flints damn sinus issues are acting up again!!!! Typos and screw-ups. 'Breach', 'SAS: Red Notice', 'Snowpiercer' tv series. Anime and series endings.

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Happy International Womens Day!

Canine Capers with Flint and his Missus. Rossy's 'Kickstarter Korner'. Flint's sinuses are acting up. John tells all about a crappy movie he saw that was so bad...it was good! All this and the latest Prog review.

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Luckiest Man on the Planet!
The River of Death! Literal Pooh Sticks! 'Sir MacHinery'. Kickstarter Korner with Mr. Ross. And the current Prog review.

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