Everything Comes Back to 2000AD


Probably one of the best comic book publications out there at the moment. The lads sit down with 'THE 77's own Dave Heely as they go through and review THE 77's first hardback Annual. The regular Prog takes a backseat as we deep dive through some fantastic stories and art and talk all things '77.

The '77 is The Future of UK Comics.

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Thought Bubble, The '77 Annual and Best Wishes. The Sentinel '77. Rouge Troper Christmas Movies, Fake Jumper, Dredd Beer is Here! The Art of Paul Davidson, Gulliver of mars, Swap Shop, Yellowstone, Shang Chi, Eddie Kidd is no Evel Knieval. All this and the Prog review.

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Rossy and the UFO's!

Enter the Fat Dragon! Something Rotten in the land of Kent! Kickstarter galore! All this and the usual shenanigans and malarkey.

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Welcome to the ECBT METAcast!

Drokktober Round-Up! 'Dead by Dawn' comic anthology. Cobalt mining. Alternate sports history. The GoGo's...and John reads the letters.

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