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Everything Comes Back To 2000AD

Aug 29, 2022

More Madness!

3hrs plus of craziness. And the usual Prog review!

Aug 24, 2022

Another blast from the past. Audio is a bit messy with this one.

Aug 15, 2022


Johns London holiday adventures. One of the hardest working people in indie comics...David Broughtons 'Shaman Kane' gets a mention. 'Dayshift' and 'Prey' again!!! Plus the rancid prog review.

Aug 10, 2022

Kickstarter Updates!
Prey, Easter Sunday, Supergirl, Aztec Mummy and Rossy and Flint go through some random piles of comics.

Aug 1, 2022

Congrats to the Euro Winners!

John reads the Death List! Rossy talks movies etc and Flint gets 'Unfriended'.
And the usual Prog Review.