Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Rich and Flint go into full on Waldorf and Statler from the Muppets mode and complain about anything and everything whilst working through progs 1838-40

As always... swearing and spoilers.

End music from the Dropkick Murphys

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Rich is joined by Rebellion graphic novel editor Keith Richardson to answer questions from the forums and to discuss topics other than "When is Zenith coming out?".

Topics like "When is Zenith coming out in softcover?"

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EP127- Henry Flint Q&A - ECBT2000AD

The podcast's Flint sits down with 2000AD's Flint for 90 odd minutes of comic talk goodness.

Amongst other things we find out Henry Flint doesn't know who Power Girl is but he no doubt Googled her after the interview and will be really looking forward to cosplay renditions of her in San Diego

Direct download: Ep127-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Flint and Mr. Burdis talk leathers and how the ladies hid guns in a stripclub! Just kidding!

Direct download: Ep126-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Two sober girls attack Meg #336. It doesn't sound any different to usual so it appears it's them and not the gin that's the problem! Expect slightly random tangents about who will be the new Doctor Who, the ick factor of Bill Oddie and a child's deep love of Tom Baker. As well as a full Megazine review. It's a long one (PHWOAR!)

Direct download: Megacast_336.mp3
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Presented by Iz and The Whittle it's the 2000AD panel from this years Bristol Comic Expo.

Panel members : Mike Carroll, Henry Flint, David Roach, David Hine, Mike Collins, John Higgins, Boo Cook, Ben Willsher, Ian Gibson and Rob Williams

Direct download: Bristol_2000AD_Panel_2013.mp3
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EP125 - ECBT2000AD

Luke makes it across the US to meet up with Flint. Hilarity does not ensue as they review 1835 and 1836. However, hilarity might ensue...when you listen to the extra bit at the end.

Direct download: Ep125-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Rich and Flint check out progs 1833 & 1834 in their usual mature and sensible fashion. As always the prog reviews are full of spoilers and the language isn't suitable for the young or easily offended.

End music is ZZ Top. No reason. I just like it.

Direct download: Ep124-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Iz and Stace review the Judge Dredd Megazine #335.

Beware there is much ranting, some perving as well as a drunken outpouring of love for the 2000AD female contingent. You have been warned.

Direct download: Megacast_335.mp3
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Flint and Burdis review 1831 and 1832 plus an Update on 'The Dredd Project!'

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ECBT2000AD Podcast 122

Flint catches up with The Wanderer Luke and they cover 1829 & 30 with lots of technical difficulties and easy listening music!

Direct download: Ep122-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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EP121 - Judge Minty Panel

As recorded at the Cardiff Comic Expo and reproduced with full participant permission here is the post screening Q&A with some of the team behind Judge Minty.

Hosted by Richmond Clements the panel consists of Director Steven Sterlacchini,
Director of Photography and Digital Imagery Stephen Green and film extra and technical advisor John Burdis

For more info on the film check out the website here > http://www.judgeminty.com/

And you can now see the entire film online here > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aavS_XUITXU

Direct download: Ep121-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Flint interviews creator and comic book trailblazer Richard Starkings. Nuff said.

Direct download: Ep120-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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This is it! An announcement that may make the Squaxx dek Thargo cream their pants! Hold on...wait...it's the internet...they'll probably bitch and moan. ;-)

Anyhow, Flint and Burdis are joined by a special guest as they make the announcement and review IDW's Judge Dredd Year One#2 and Prog 1828.

Direct download: Ep119-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Megacast Ep15

I've had no blurb for this and not had a chance to listen yet so cant give details. I can tell you the girls check out issue 334 of the Megazine and odds are they go on a lot about how much they love Colin MacNeil's art. I can also hazard a guess there is some swearing and as the podcast goes on they become slightly less intelligible. In other words, it'll be another awesome one

Direct download: Megacast_15.mp3
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Flint is joined by Rich and The Whittle to get stuck into 2000AD progs 1826 & 1827. Lots of swearing, drifting off topic and inappropriate behaviour... so the usual shit really. And as ever the progs are discussed in detail so its spoiler city.

Direct download: Ep118-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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A sure sign that the Apocalypse is near Flint and Burdis give positive reviews of Dredd Year One and Prog 1825!

As always, the reviews contain spoilers

Direct download: Ep117-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Flint and Rich get together to talk through progs 1823 and jumping on prog 1824

They also talk about the recent "boob-gate". So, if you've listened before you know how thats gonna go and might wanna skip the first 15 minutes. You've been warned

As always, reviews are spoiler heavy and the language and content isn't really suitable for anyone

Direct download: ep116-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Flint and Luke review 1820, 21 and 22. Flint talks about dead swedish massage hookers and Luke decides to wander the earth like Cain.

Direct download: Ep115-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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The girls get together to check out issue 333 of the Megazine

Direct download: MEGACAST_ep14.mp3
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The second part of Flint's chat with 2000AD legend, Ron Smith. Enjoy

Direct download: Ep114-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Probably the most prolific Judge Dredd artist ever! 2000ad and British comic book legend...Ron Smith!

Direct download: Ep113-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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For the first time ever, the podcast that sounds like it's recorded in the pub actually DOES get recorded in the pub as Richard is joined by Dredd and Savage artist Patrick Goddard to discuss current and future projects as well as taking questions submitted by the 2000AD forum

Direct download: EP112-ECBT2000AD-PatrickGoddard.mp3
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After a prolongued absence, Iz and The Whittle review the Cardiff Expo special edition of The Megazine (or issue 332 to the uninitiated)

Direct download: The_Megacast_Ep13.mp3
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Flint and Luke are joined by the Lord of the drink himself as they review 1818 and 1819. Not for the squeamish!

Direct download: Ep111-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Pat and Flint continue their chat about Savage Tax Accountant

Direct download: Ep110-Pat_Mills_pt2_-_ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Pat Mills is back with a vengeance!!! Book 1 of 18. Just kidding...
Dredd movie, Marshal Law, Slaines 30th, Belardinelli, Misty and Dan Dare!

Direct download: Ep109-Pat_Mills_pt1_-_ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Rich and Flint get all warm and cozy, light up some fine cigars, break out the brandy and check out progs 1816 & 1817

As always the progs are gone over in detail aka spoiled and the language isn't suitable for children or those of a delicate nature


Direct download: Ep108_-_ECBT2000AD.mp3
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GrumpyPantsFlint is joined by Mr. Burdis as they review IDW's Future Cop issues 2 &3 and review Prog 1815!

Direct download: Ep107-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Ep106 - ECBT2000AD

A very after Christmassy subdued Flint and Luke go over 1813 and 1814. Flint fails to open a jar of Tomatoes and Luke blows his nose!

Direct download: Ep106-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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In this special podcast the guys are joined by Pete Wells of the 2000AD Covers Uncovered website to look back at the prog covers of 2012 and pick their top tens.

Rich gets hammerd, Flint gets angry and Pete gets the occasional word in.

Boisterous and sweary as ever so not for the easily offended... or at least two cover artists.

Direct download: Ep105-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Flint and Luke are joined by Al and Mike for the year end Bumper Issue. Super Fun Jesus Time!

Direct download: Ep104-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Not the episode to listen to if you loved IDW's Dredd #1 or Prog 1812. Burdis and Flint put on their grumpy pants! Bah! Humbug!

Direct download: Ep103-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Luke and Flint review 1810, 1811 and briefly 1812. Flint is back and as grumpy as ever. And yes there are swear words!

Direct download: Ep102-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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With Flint off "on business" Luke gets Rich to stand in and get angry about progs 1808 & 1809. Unfortunately their first attempt at this which was complete with input from Mr Pete Wells had to be scrapped due to technical difficulties and "too much northern" so this is a slightly weird take 2.

As usual the progs are spoiled the the language is non-kiddie friendly.

Direct download: Ep101-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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This special edition is a recording of the 2000AD Panel , hosted by Iz and Stacey, at this years Thought Bubble. On the panel were Rob Williams, Al Ewing, Simon Davis, Robbie Morrison, Simon Fraser, Leigh Gallagher, Lee Carter, and Michael Molcher.  Due to the nature of this live recording the audio quality isn’t brilliant and in order to make everyone audible it’s had to be digitally resampled a few times so apologies for the less than crystal clear audio throughout.


Advance warning: Some of the content is quite risqué.  The panel was advertised in the Thought Bubble programme with a minimum age recommendation of 16+ and you’ll hear why when you listen.

Direct download: 2000AD_Thought_Bubble_panel_2012.mp3
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Flint and Luke discuss 1806 and 'That' issue...1807.

Direct download: Ep100-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Oops - we (Iz & Stace) promised back in August after our last episode, that we'd be up-to-date within weeks....we lied. 

We *have* managed to get through three Megs though:  324, 325 and 326 and be warned, it's a bit of a monster at 1hr 45mins.

On the plus side, the next episode we put out will be one for ECBT2000AD in about a week - we PROMISE!! It'll be the recording of the panel at Thought Bubble where we will be asking questions of the panel -who have all given their advance permission to be recorded, so thank you again to Rob Williams, Lee Carter, Simon Davis, Robbie Morrison, Leigh Gallagher and the lovely Simon Fraser. Big thanks also go to the Thought Bubble crew and 2000AD for the opportunity!!

Direct download: Meg_12.mp3
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'Flint and Luke cover 1804 and 1805 as well as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!'

Direct download: Ep99-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Flint is joined by 2000AD artist Simon Fraser for a 2hr chat about Nikolai Dante and more

Direct download: Ep98-SimonFraserInterview.mp3
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Flint and Mike discuss progs 1802 and 1803

Direct download: Ep97-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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ECBT2000ad 96!
Flint and Luke are joined by special guest Mike Gallagher of ComicGeekSpeak.com and cover progs 1799, 1800 and 1801 and discuss the movie! Spoilers!!!! It's a looong one!

Direct download: Ep96-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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In this episode Flint is joined by Luke to talk through progs 1797 & 1798.

Flint has assured me there's NOTHING in this one that we would need to cut out for risk of offending anyone so I'm posting it up unchecked. Because Flint is a lovely trustworthy guy... and I am an idiot.

As always the progs reviewed will be spoiled and the language probably won't be kiddie friendly.

Direct download: Ep95-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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After seeing the film, Rich gets Iz REALLY drunk and tricks her into recording a 20 minute review of the Dredd movie

Its messy but on the plus side it's mercifully short

Direct download: ECBT_Dredd_Movie_Review.mp3
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In a spoiler free half hour, Iz is joined by John Burdis and Pete Wells, both of whom were in attendance at the special advance fan screening of Dredd. They give their opinion of the film, again WITHOUT spoilers, and also their take on the event also attended by, amongst others, Alex Garland, Karl Urban, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

Direct download: Ep94-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Covering Megazine's 322 and 323, taking us up to May 2012...and there's a rumour circulating that Stace and Iz might be recording next week to get completely up to date.

Direct download: Megacast_Possibly_11.mp3
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Flint and special guest John 'Commando Forces' Burdis work their way through progs 1795 and 1796. Flint screws up nearly every strip description and John laments about everything that's wrong in comics today.

Direct download: Ep93-ECBT2000AD_Clean.mp3
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Recorded waaaaay back in March, we have just had the nod from the Nerve Centre that Tharg the Mighty (and his minions) approve this podcast episode.

Stace and Iz talk to Mike Molcher about everything Rebellion-related & attempt (unsuccessfully) to pump him for confidential information. Humph.

Due to the delay in releasing this into the wild, some of the info is a little dated, but we've kept it all in anyway (in other words, we didn't want to re-edit it!).

Direct download: MOLCH-R.mp3
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Flint and Rich get together to work through progs 1793 & 1794 so usual rules apply -  take a drink every time Flint mentions boobs for no reason at all or when Rich slurrs.

As always when they record it gets more sweary and offensive than usual and of course the progs looked at are gone over in detail so expect heavy spoilers. And if this one bugs you, you shoulda heard it before I cut out the REAL nasty stuff. We're terrible human beings.

End music by Digital Daughter and used with permission

Direct download: EP91-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Flint and Luke have differences over Dantes ending...or is it?

Progs 1791-92

Direct download: Ep90-ECBT2000AD.mp3
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Flint and Al go through 1789 and 90!
Lots of bleeping as Flint goes into a rant,

Direct download: Ep89-ECBT2000ad.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:56pm PST

After a traditional delay, Stacey and Iz talk about Megs 320 and 321, and for perhaps the first time ever, aren't nice about *everything*.  We were hoping for our Molch-R interview podcast to have gone up between this one and our last Bristol panel podcast but it's still being reviewed by the Nerve Centre. Megs 322 onwards will be covered in another podcast soon. Possibly.

Direct download: ep10.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:25pm PST

Flint and Luke get stuck into progs 1786, 1787 and 1788

As always the progs are discussed in detail so expect spoilers

Direct download: Ep88-ECBT2000ad.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:54pm PST

Flint and Rich get together for a quick 30 minute run through of the new Dredd trailer.

No spoilers but the usual language.

Direct download: ECBT2000AD-Ep87.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:19am PST

In a bout of unprofessionalism that is epic even for this podcast, Richard realises two minutes in that he's read the wrong progs so has to just wing it. Despite that him and Flint work through progs 1783-85 in their usual subtle manner and decide at the end to just post the thing unedited. Well... apart from one incredibly libelous rant at the beginning which got cut out. We're not THAT stupid.

As always, the progs are spoiled, the language is unsuitable for the easily offended and the jokes are crap.

Enjoy  :)


Direct download: ECBT2000AD-Ep86.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:50am PST

A little bit behind in this one. Flint and Luke discuss Progs 1781 and 1782. Listeners beware...Flint rant!

Again, not for kiddies.

Direct download: Ep85-ECBT2000ad.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:36am PST

This special edition is a recording of the 2000AD Panel the girls of the Megacast hosted at this years Bristol Comic Expo. In attendance are D’Israeli, Ian Edginton, Henry Flint, Al Ewing, Boo Cook, T.C. Eglinton, Patrick Goddard, Ben Willsher and John Higgins.

Due to the nature of this live recording the audio quality isn't brilliant and in order to make everyone audible it's had to be digitally resampled a few times so apologies for the less than crystal clear audio throughout.

Direct download: Megacast_Ep9_Bristol_Panel.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:10am PST

The 1995 Judge Dredd movie is once again picked over and picked on by John 'Commando Forces' Burdis, Jon Davis-Hunt and Ben Willsher (with Iz McAuliffe standing in for Rich). The guys had huge sound issues so please excuse the not-so-brilliant sound quality, and they also experienced a lot of tech issues so the conversation is a bit choppy to say the least...and as a final kick in the nuts, Iz didn't successfully save the very last part of the conversation so it ends a bit abruptly.

As its discussing the Stallone Dredd movie you'll probably wish it ended even more abruptly  :)

Direct download: COMPLETE.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:16am PST

Flint and Rich take a shot at podcasting without a net. No editing. No cutting out the nasty bits. Record it, post it, job done.

So... apologies for any uncorrected sound issues or stupidity

Progs 1779 & 80 are reviewed in detail so expect spoilers

Direct download: EP83-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:24pm PST

Flint and Luke check out progs 1777 & 1778

Direct download: Ep82-ECBT2000ad.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:17pm PST

Flint is joined by Luke to check out progs 1775 & 1776

As always the progs are discussed in detail so expect spoilers

Direct download: Ep81-ECBT2000ad.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:36pm PST

Rich and Flint check out progs 1772-74 and generally swear and piss about a lot.

Direct download: Ep80-ECBT2000ad.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00am PST

Flint, Al and Luke check out progs 1770 and 1771

Direct download: Ep79-ECBT2000ad.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:53am PST

In this MASSIVE interview, Flint is joined by Pat Mills, the man without whom there would be no 2000AD.

As you'll hear from the start some topics were thought probably best left out but Mr Mills was insistant the whole thing should go out uncensored in order to set a few records straight. As a result this does jump straight in without much fanfare as what was thought a pre-podcast chat while setting up became part of it.

Questions from the 2000AD forums are answered and Pat discusses all aspects of his work and his history with 2000AD.

As we said, it's a long one.... but if you get the chance to talk to Pat Mills about 2000AD you get as much as you can.

Direct download: Ep78-ECBT2000ad-PatMills2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:32am PST

Flint and Al check out progs 1768 & 69

Direct download: Ep77-ECBT2000ad.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:26am PST

Flint and Luke check out progs 1766 & 7

Direct download: Ep76-ECBT2000ad.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:43am PST

After an extended leave of absence planning comic cons and editing small press anthologies, the ladies are back in a Mega catch up episode working through issues 313-319 of the Megazine.

Direct download: Megamegacastep89.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:25am PST

Rich and Flint are joined by Pete Wells of the 2000AD Covers Uncovered website to go through their favourite covers of 2011

Direct download: coverspodcast.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:06am PST

Flint and Luke check out progs 1764 & 65

Direct download: EP74-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:53am PST

Flint is joined by Luke and Al to check out the big end of year 2012 special edition.

Direct download: EP73-ECBT2000AD-Prog2012.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:17am PST

2000AD writer Mike Carroll takes time to answer questions posed by members of the 2000AD forums and visitors to the ECBT2000AD website

Direct download: ecbt2000ad-mikecarroll.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:18am PST

Episode 71

Direct download: EP71_-_ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:37am PST

Flint is joined by Al Sparrow to work through progs 1760 & 61.

As always the progs in question are spoiled and the language isnt suitable for the kiddies

Direct download: EP70-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:38pm PST

Rich is joined by Dredd artist Ben Willsher to discuss blowing Dredd's brains out, motorbike porn, Doctor Who and juducial bikini waxes.

Some of the audio fades out a once or twice. Did what I could to fix it so hopefully not too disruptive.

Direct download: EP69-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:33am PST

Flint and Luke check out progs 1758 & 59

Direct download: EP68-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:32am PST

Flint is joined by Rich to check out progs 1755-57 and REALLY earn the explicit tag on this episode.

As always the progs are spoiled and its generally unsuitable for kids or the easily offended

Direct download: EP67-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:51am PST

EP66 - ECBT2000AD

Flint is again joined by Al Sparrow, this time to check out progs 1753 & 54.

As always, the progs in question are discussed in detail so expect spoilers

Direct download: ECBT2000AD-Ep66.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:22am PST

Flint is joined by long time comics fan but relative 2000AD newbie Al Sparrow to check out progs 1751 & 52.

As always the language is unsuitable for children (or people still crying about Catwoman's cleavage) and the progs reviewed are spoiled.

Direct download: Ecbt2000adEp65.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:18am PST

Ep64 - ECBT2000ad

Join Flint and Luke as they work through 2000AD progs 1749 & 50

Direct download: Ep64-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:50pm PST

After a long absence the girls are back to look at issues 311 & 312 of the Megazine

Direct download: Megacast_Episode_7.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:14pm PST

Flint and Rich get together to look at progs 1747 & 48 and the fact they are both hungover does little to improve their usual sunny dispositions.

As always there is swearing and the progs' plot details are discussed and spoiled.

Not for the easily offended or fans of Steve Yeowell's art.

Direct download: Ep63-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:31am PST

Progs 1745 & 1746 with guest reviewer Stacey Whittle

Direct download: Ep62-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:54am PST

Flint is joined by Luke Foster to have a look at the latest offerings from team Futurequake : Zarjaz 12 and Dogbreath 24.

As with the regular 2000AD reviews the strips in question are gone into in detail so expect heavy spoilers.

More info on Zarjaz and Dogbreath including details on how you can get copies are here : http://thequaequamblog.blogspot.com/

Please note : These reviews were done with digital copies the gents at Futurequake were good enough to provide. As such some stories were read in a different order to that which was in the printed edition. Not that it really matters, just in case anyone is reading along. That said the one longer Dredd story was broken down into three parts in the print version.

Direct download: ECBT2000ad61.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:20am PST

At great expense Iz from the Megacast is flown in to discuss progs 1742-44 with Richard.

Yeah... ok..... technically they live together anyway but she still had to be bribed.

The audio is a bit dodgy and about 40 minutes of recording got lost due to a pc crash so had to be redone so apologies if this one actually manages to make our usual efforts sound vaguely professional. If its any consolation it was a lot of fun to record.

As always the progs are discussed in detail and the language isnt suitable for those easily offended.

Direct download: Ep60-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:04am PST

With Richard unable to get his arse in gear to record with Flint he's instead pulled in Gavin from the Sidekickcast to see how prog 1740, a "jumping on prog", works for a relative 2000AD newbie.

As well as 1740 they also check out 1741 with a few sidelines into good chat up lines and Vin Diesels sexuality.

As always, spoilers for the progs in question and language not suitable for the easily offended. Actually none of it is probably suitable for the easily offended.

Direct download: EP59_-_ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:19am PST

Megacast Ep 6

The girls are back and looking at Megs 309 & 310... yeah, a bit late but worth hanging on for. Enjoy

Direct download: Megacast_Episode_6.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:53pm PST

In this one Rich and Flint are joined by Mark : The Legendary Shark from the 2000AD forums to look at progs 1738 & 39. They are also joined by the much missed Zippo lighter for the first 5 minutes (sorry about that).

I think I cut out MOST of the offensive stuff, but sure there's still something in there to get you going. As well as the progs we discuss Mark's recent cameo in 2000AD and the recent announcement that 2000AD is going weekly in the US.

Direct download: EP58-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:51am PST

In honour of this being the first time Rich and Flint have recorded together in ages, this is a bit of a greatest hits episode. So in other words Flint calls something "sh*t", Rich is offensive about gypsies, creators have the piss taken out of them, beers are drunk and the plot subtleties of entire issues are avoided in order to concentrate on a single upskirt shot of Judge Anderson.

As always, the progs in question (1736 & 1737) are spoiled and the language is non kiddie friendly from the start.

Direct download: EP57-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:42am PST

With Flint still M-I-A and Richard getting sick of the sound of his own voice we've drafted in Iz from the Megacast and Lizzie Boyle aka Lady Festina from the 2000AD boards to look at progs 1734 & 5.

As always the progs in question are discussed without fear of spoilers and the language isn't suitable for the kiddies.

Direct download: Ep56-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:11am PST

With Flint still AWOL Rich is joined by Kehaar of the Dissecting Worlds podcast to discuss progs 1731-33 and midget boobs.

As always, expect spoilers for the progs in question, non kiddie friendly language and most offensive of all this week, a Scouse accent!!

Direct download: Ep55-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:40am PST

ECBT2000AD ep54

Rich and The Whittle get stuck into progs 1729 & 30. You know the drill by now  :)

Direct download: Ep54-ECBT2000AD.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:40am PST

Megacast Ep 5

Its another interview podcast and this time the Megacast girls are joined by Dredd artist Colin MacNeil to discuss his work and answer questions posed by users of the 2000AD forums and readers of the ECBT2000AD website.

One point of note : At the time of recording Colin was down to attend the Bristol Comic con which is unfortunately no longer the case (which the girls are particularly gutted about).

Direct download: MACNEIL.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:18pm PST

In this special episode, Richard is joined by Richmond Clements, co-editor of Zarjaz, Dogbreath, FutureQuake and Something Wicked magazines, organiser of the Hi-Ex Comic Con, published writer, lion tamer and inventor of the hole punch.

Questions from the 2000AD forums are answered and Richmond gives the inside track for anyone looking to get their 2000AD strips published.

Direct download: ECBT2000AD_ep53.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:10am PST

ECBT2000AD ep52

Flint is again joined by Luke Foster to work through progs 1726-28

As always expect strong language and spoilers for the progs in question

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2000AD Kapow Panel

The 2000AD Panel from this years KAPOW comic con

Thanks to the guys at Termight Replicas and the Cellar of Dredd for providing the audio and allowing us to share it.

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The Megacast Ep 4

Iz and Stacey (aka The Whittle) are back to work through issues 307 and 308 of the Judge Dredd Megazine.

As always the issues mentioned are spoiled, the language is not for kids and a fair bit of wine is drunk.

Fun stuff.

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In this special episode Rich is joined by Lee and Stacey from the Small Press Big Mouth podcast, and also by 2000AD writer Alec Worley to discuss the Stallone Dredd movie. This is of course done over a few beers but as the table was split 50/50 between haters and supporters there probably isnt, for once, as much swearing as you'd expect.

Special guest appearance by my effin Zippo lighter in the last 20 minutes (sorry)


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Ep50 - ECBT2000AD

Really? 50 episodes? Man, we need to get out more.

Anyway, progs 1723-25 are discussed with the levels of seriousness and dignity you've come to expect. Flint manages to find boobs in strips that dont even contain any and Richard does his best not to offend anyone this week  -cough-

As always, spoilers and non kiddie friendly language throughout.

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Ep49 - ECBT2000AD

Richard is joined by Stacey Whittle and Pete Wells to bring the podcast scarily up to date by looking at progs 1720-22. Along the way they touch on girlie Daleks, Celine Dion, the joys of all night pasties and for some reason decide to tackle the delicate subject of racism in comics whilst all being slightly drunk.

As always, there are spoilers for the progs in question and language not suitable for anyone. Having a few beers prior to listening to this one is strongly advised.


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Ep48 - ECBT2000AD - Covers Special

In this special episode, Rich is joined by Pete Wells of the 2000AD covers blog to go over their favourite covers of the last 12 months and talk about what makes a cool cover image and which covers were the most popular with the users of the 2000AD forums.

Not suitable for people sensitive to swearing or comedy Geordie accents.

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