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Everything Comes Back To 2000AD

Jan 30, 2023


Facebook figures out Rossi. Lawless Comicon. OBE-EI-EI_O! Book signings. Scotland declares War on Rossi. MEGAFORCE!!!

All this and the Prog Review!

Jan 23, 2023

Konspiracy Korner!

Usual nonsense from the gang!

Jan 16, 2023


Flint is recovering from a cold. Rossy TikTok. Xuxa Dolls. Kickstarter Korner: Support The77! Flint wears his tin foil hat this time! 2000AD Strontium Dog Merch! Halo Jones AGAIN!!! All this and the Prog review.

Jan 9, 2023


The holidays are done. It's a New Year but the same old nonsense from the boys! Kickstarter Korner talks about 'The77' Issue 9. Buy it NOW! Rossy jumps down the Rabbit Hole...again! Johns death notices are longer than 'War and Peace'. Listen responsibly and not on 1.5 Speed!!!

Jan 6, 2023

The crazy gang are still recovering from their debauchery on New Years Eve! Here's a classic Progcast to tide you over.
Original Blurb: 'In this episode the guys look at progs 1696-98 and discuss that age old question : is it the size of your gun or what you do with it?
As usual expect spoilers throughout and language...