Everything Comes Back to 2000AD
Megacast - Episode One

As promised, we now present the first episode of Megacast, the sister podcast to Everything Comes Back to 2000AD which looks exclusively at the Judge Dredd Megazine published monthly by Rebellion. This first one deals with Meg 305 and both the strips and articles are discussed in detail.

Despite having totally different hosts, and despite them being lovely ladies from whom you would probably expect better than the usual guys, the "Spoilers and language not suitable for the kiddies" tag still applies.


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Ep43 - Pat Mills interview part 2

Its the second half of our 3 hour Pat Mills interview. More topics are covered, more forum questions are answered and more future projects are discussed. Enjoy. And once again, a big thanks to Mr Mills for taking the time to do this.

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Episode 42 - Prog 1713

Yeah. I KNOW you're all waiting for the second part of the Pat Mills interview... it'll be up on the weekend. If its any consolation this is a quick one.

Due to the latest issue not making it over to the States yet, it's a one prog special looking at 1713.

Rich and Flint also have a quick chat about the Dredd images released so far and their expectations for the new movie.

As always expect spoilers and language not suitable for the kiddies.

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Ep41 - Pat Mills

In this first of a two part special edition, Stephen (aka Flint) is joined by the man known as the Godfather of British Comics, Mr Pat Mills. They talk about his career, his current projects and also take time to answer questions posed by the readers of the 2000AD forums. Enjoy.

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Ep40 - ECBT2000AD

In this special episode we're joined by Rebellion's graphic novel's editor Keith Richardson who answers questions from the 2000AD forums and also runs through the entire release schedule, both for the UK and US, for 2011

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