Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Dave Wynn joins Flint as they review the last two progs coming up to the year end bumper issue!

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Pete Wells arrives and everything goes haywire on the Podcast. Review of 1907 (but not really, darn you Pete!!!) 1908 and 1909!

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Steve Ross returns to review Dogbreath and talk about the latest Star Wars trailer and the awesomely bad Christmas Special!

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Nasally Flint and co-host Steve Ross review the latest great offering from Team Zarjaz!

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Guest co-host Steven 'Chesty Sanchez' Ross and Flint review 'The Winter Special' as well as talk about The 'Dredd' Animated toon, The 'Doctor Who' finale and 'El Bigote'. Yes...catching up with Steve. It's been a while.

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ECBT2000ad Episode 187: John gives a rundown on this years 'Thought Bubble'.

Apologies for the poor sound quality on this one.

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The downmarket podcast is back with Flint and Burdis reviewing 1903 and 1904.

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EP185 - ECBT2000AD

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Flint is joined by 2000AD and Doctor Who artist David Roach for part one of a two part interview.

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Flint is joined by blast from the past Richard along with Jimmy from the Comic News Insider podcast to check out jumping on prog 1900 and its follow up issue 1901.

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Stuffed up with a sunny disposition Flint and a joyful positive Mr. B (The Chuckle Brothers!) review the last prog before the big jump on point. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

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Apologetic Flint and Burdis cover the latest offerings from The House of Tharg!

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Even later than usual, but in their defence it's not ALL their fault this time, here are the ladies of the Megacast with their take on Meg 345

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Flint apologizes for being too nasally in this episode because his nose got knocked out of joint by some terrible PR. Mr. B is a Professional throughout!

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Sound quality might be a little bit iffy as we are using a new recorder...so bear with us! Bible lessons with guest Jim McGibbon! Flint and Jim go through Progs 1893, 1894 and 1895...and not a pink fairy armadillo in sight!

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'Dance Off Edition!' Flint and Oor Burdis give rave reviews to IDW's Anderson but not so much to the Prog! Oh...and there are 'Guardians of the Galaxy' spoilers. Be warned!

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 The 'Mirror Universe' Episode...where everything is positive! Who woulda thunk it? Flint is joined by Mr. Burdis and they have tons of news and updates to talk about...including the NEW judges forum!

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John Carter of Mars, The Lone Ranger, Tarzan and Sofia Vergara...oh...and Flint and Steven Ross review Zarjaz 21!

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Luke is back! 1888 and 1889 reviewed!

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This time The Whittle is joined by the course director of Dundee University's Animation and Visualisation programme, organiser of Dundee Comic Day and huge 2000AD fan Dr Phil(not that one)ip Vaughan (he is also NOT Philip Bond) to talk through Prog 14.

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Flint is joined by Judge Pal, David Wynn and they review 1887 and not a stinker in the bunch!

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Flint and Burdis talk soccer, prog 1886, City of Courts #5 and are interrupted by Indian con artists 'The Windows Technical Department'! Enjoy!

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Stace and Iz are still trying to catch up, and still not doing very well at it. In the interest of tokenism, Flint from ECBT is recruited to add his voice of reason. More catch-ups within the next few weeks. Possibly.

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Flint and Rich talk progs 1884 & 1885 in the usual mature, sensible manner.

Remember folks, they started this podcast, which makes this episode CANON!

Contains spoilers and general language and content not suitable for kids or the easily offended.

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Flint and Mr.B review 1883, IDW's last Rogue trooper issue and even mention 'The Royals' by Williams and Coleby.

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Richard is joined by Keith Richardson and Pye Parr of 2000AD to answer submitted questions from you lot about upcoming releases, how the issues are all put together and anything else we felt like throwing at them.

Big thanks to both of them for taking the time out to sort this

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Ecbt2000ad Episode 170: Flint is joined by Steven Ross for a No holds barred reviews of he latest 'Dogbreath' and 'Zarjaz' fanzines as well as Stevens review of the brilliant 'Vampire Vixens' by Alex Ronald!

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Episode 169: Progs 1881 & 1882. Flint and Luke with todays magic word 'Whittle!'

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Not exactly Pete's wet dream of going on a Summah holiday with Sir Cliff...instead he's stuck reviewing the Summah Special with Irish drunk Flint!

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This time The Whittle is joined once again by the scrumptious Michael Carroll to talk about Prog 13. Please be prepared for many many tangents and off topic musings. It's a long one...oooer!

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The Whittle has a Bristol Con recap with Iz then ropes in Rich to look at Issue 343 of the Megazine.... THE XMAS ONE!

The big catch up begins! Possibly.

As always, the issue is spoiled and the whole thing should be avoided by the easily offended.

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Flint and Rich sit down to go through 2000AD Prog 1880 and generally bicker like a sad old married couple

As always the issue is spoiled and the easily offended should REALLY have gotten the hint by now. We're not exactly subtle.

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Recorded this past Sunday at the Bristol Comics Expo, join the girls of the Megacast as they talk with Alec Worley and Al Ewing about comics writing, both generally and specifically for 2000AD

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Rich is joined by Megacast co-host Iz to discuss the upcoming Bristol Comic Expo for which she has organised the panel schedule. After that he's then joined by Pete Wells of the 2000AD Covers Uncovered blog to look at 2000AD prog 1879

As always, the language and content is unsuitable for minors or the easily offended

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ECBT2000ad Episode 164

Flint and Mr. B discuss The Cursed Edge, IDW's latest offerings including the Big Drokkin Treasury Edition, a prog and John fills us in on the Lawgiver Celebration!

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Flint and Luke are joined by 'Chesty Sanchez' creator, Ninja High School writer and huge 2000ad fan Steven Ross! 

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Pat Mills was the person who launched and edited the first 12 issues of 2000AD. As we're at that point now it seemed like a nice idea to have a chat with the man himself about that period of 2000AD history. So here is Everything Starts With Pat Mills

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Flint and Mr. B review City of Courts #3, Rogue Trooper as well an issue of a Prog. And again it's ROUNDS not BULLETS!!!

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This time Stacey talks fabulous Dredd and Insurrection artist Colin MacNeil into chatting through Prog 12 with her. This is a long, slightly rambly and slightly inebriated episode which therefore has a surprising lack of swearing but some disgusterous perving by The Whittle over MACH1. Disgusting. All complaints as usual in triplicate to Flintlockjaw USA.

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Flint and Rich are joined by Jimmy Aquino of the Comic News Insider podcast to check out prog 1874 and see if it works both for newbies like Jimmy and jaded old c*nts like Flint and Rich.

As always, swearing and general stupidity.

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Megacast episode 342. Iz and The Whittle attempt to get back to speed reviewing Megazine 342 - with added smut brought to you by Pete Wells.

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Flint and Luke talk about Lukes Kickstarter project and both review 1873 before the jump on issue!

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Judge Pal (David Wynn) pops by to review 1872 with Flint!

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ECBT2000AD Ep158 - Flint and Burdis review IDW's excellent Rogue Trooper and Prog 1871!

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Flint is joined by comics legend Pat Mills for the final instalment of this three part Q&A

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Flint is joined by comics legend Pat Mills for part two of this three part Q&A

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The Whittle chats to Savage, Grey Area and Aquilla artist Patrick Goddard about good old Bill, Dangermouse, how hard it is to draw cars and the immaculate artwork of Dave Gibbons. This is Programme 11. With some sound issues here and there - apologies for that!

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Flint is joined by comics legend Pat Mills for part one of another mammoth conversation

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ECBT2000ad Ep154: Luke and Flint are joined by Rich as they review 1870 and Lynda Carters daughter!

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Flint and Burdis wax lyrical about the latest Prog and IDW's latest City of Courts. Money is the ROOT of all KINDS of evil Mr. Abnett!   ;)

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In an attempt to catch up, Rich and Iz look at issue 341 of the Dredd Megazine in a blindingly quick episode of ECBT... or the Megacast... or whatever.

As always, swearing and spoilers.

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Flint and Luke are joined by 'Family Guy' artist Mick 'Blackmocco' Cassidy as they compare 2000ad to last nights dinner and compare bowel movements!

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Rich and Flint get stuck into prog 1866 and due to this being the 150th episode decided to also have a look at 2000AD prog 150 which contains the first ever appearance of Judge Anderson.

As always, the issues are spoiled (doubt it matters too much for the issue from 1980) and the language and general behaviour is not suitable for kids or the easily offended.

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Flint is joined by Judge Grumpy Cat Burdis to review Underbelly, City of Courts and Prog 1865. And they're rounds NOT bullets!

As always, serious spoilers and language and general attitudes not suitable for kids or the easily offended.


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Flint and Rich are joined by 2000AD Covers Qu...King Pete Wells of the 2000AD Covers Uncovered website to go over their top Prog and Meg covers of 2013.

As always they think they're funny but real people will just get offended.

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The Whittle™, Rich and Flint work their way through 1862, 1863 and 1864!


As always, serious spoilers and language and general attitudes not suitable for kids or the easily offended.

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With no 2000AD droids available to record this episode the Whittle slums it with Iz from the Megacast and Rich from ECBT to go over prog 10 of 2000AD from April 1977

As always, not suitable for kids or the easily offended

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Flint and Mr. Burdis discuss leathers, Greg Staples amazing job on the return of Judge Death and of course, the last two issues of Mars Attacks Dredd!

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