Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Another Blast from the Past!
Here's the original blurb for this episode...

"With Flint unavailable Rich does the only sensible thing and gets in two girls to replace him. Between them they look at progs 1657 and 1658 and discuss important topics such as “Does Johnny Alpha look prettier with or without his helmet”.

Contains spoilers throughout and more swearing than you would expect from two young ladies of breeding.

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Red Con 1, Triple Frontier, Alita Battle Angel, The Mummy, Captain Marvel! Which one of these movies got Mr. Ross's rating of 3 naps out of 5!
As well as all the TV and Movie watching...we review the Prog!

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They're back!
This time Beeching and Burdis do a running commentary on the 2012 Dredd movie. Line up your Blu-Ray and Dvd's...Are you ready?

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Good Grief this is a long Progcast...if only ECBT had an Editor!
Dave Heely of '1977-2000AD' joins the crazy gang for this one. Poor Dave.
2000ad Art Stars! Flints arm is a TV Star! Lawless. Mr. Ross compares 2000ad Creators with Porn Stars! Mortal Engines and Fantastic Beasts II, Umbrella Academy and Flat Earth. Julius does his own reboot of Rogue Trooper. Bubble Bath and rip-offs! This one has it all, folks!

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Sync your VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-Ray and listen along as Ashley Beeching (making his ECBT debut) and Mr. Burdis do a running commentary on the '95 Stallone 'Dredd' movie.

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It's a short one this time as we go straight into the prog. It's imperative that we don't go over John's Tea Time! Thank Grud for that says our two listeners.

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