Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

We talk STUFF!
Also...Drokktober Continues!!!

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Lestat goes wrestling. Biggest comic ever - KISS! Johns latest book by Author Atthew Smith. Mr. Ross and his 'Munroe Doll'. Universal Horror. SmashTV Burdis style!
Drokktober Continues!!!

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Original Episode blurb:
'In this one the guys look at progs 1671-1673 in their own unique (stupid) style. Richard once again annoys the Dante fans and Flint annoys everyone else. As always expect spoilers throughout and non-kiddie friendly language.'

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The podcast is a bit glitchy at times but we do have 'Council Talk' with John Burdis. Mr. Ross does a quick 'Misty/Scream' review. John was a guest on the 'Omen To That' podcast. 'Raised by Wolves','The Boys'! The Mattress is down in the dumps. Aztecs and Incas. Plus the prog review.

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The lads are joined by fan of the show - Jason Caskey.

I pity da fool! We talk all sorts of nonsense from Jasons comic book writin' to wrasslin'. We review the jump on prog but not really a jump on prog! And other stuff I can't remember because we waffle too much. Also...don't forget DROKKTOBER!!!!

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