Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

With Flint off "on business" Luke gets Rich to stand in and get angry about progs 1808 & 1809. Unfortunately their first attempt at this which was complete with input from Mr Pete Wells had to be scrapped due to technical difficulties and "too much northern" so this is a slightly weird take 2.

As usual the progs are spoiled the the language is non-kiddie friendly.

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This special edition is a recording of the 2000AD Panel , hosted by Iz and Stacey, at this years Thought Bubble. On the panel were Rob Williams, Al Ewing, Simon Davis, Robbie Morrison, Simon Fraser, Leigh Gallagher, Lee Carter, and Michael Molcher.  Due to the nature of this live recording the audio quality isn’t brilliant and in order to make everyone audible it’s had to be digitally resampled a few times so apologies for the less than crystal clear audio throughout.


Advance warning: Some of the content is quite risqué.  The panel was advertised in the Thought Bubble programme with a minimum age recommendation of 16+ and you’ll hear why when you listen.

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Flint and Luke discuss 1806 and 'That' issue...1807.

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Oops - we (Iz & Stace) promised back in August after our last episode, that we'd be up-to-date within weeks....we lied. 

We *have* managed to get through three Megs though:  324, 325 and 326 and be warned, it's a bit of a monster at 1hr 45mins.

On the plus side, the next episode we put out will be one for ECBT2000AD in about a week - we PROMISE!! It'll be the recording of the panel at Thought Bubble where we will be asking questions of the panel -who have all given their advance permission to be recorded, so thank you again to Rob Williams, Lee Carter, Simon Davis, Robbie Morrison, Leigh Gallagher and the lovely Simon Fraser. Big thanks also go to the Thought Bubble crew and 2000AD for the opportunity!!

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'Flint and Luke cover 1804 and 1805 as well as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!'

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