Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Talk about blast from the past! Did this one not age well.

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Jason Caskey joins our madness as we talk 'Misty' and 'The Mandalorian' finale. John watches a dance movie and has Batman facts. Rossy watches Linda Blair strut her stuff and we review the Xmas prog.

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We talk STUFF! 

Probably longer than we usually intend...always! Plus the usual Prog review.

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Shortest Progcast EVER! (we think!)

Johns mid-life crisis continues. Mr. Ross discusses the Misty Special. THAT StarScan!!!

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The Monarchy. Police. 2000ad Ultimate Collection. Horus Heresy. John and his Skinny Jeans! Dune. Tenet. Solar. Subscription Prog. Frybread Mockumentary! Plus the Prog review.

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The guys talk STUFF!!!!

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A Long Episode!
Thought Bubble, Big Bang Theory, There She Goes, Fighting Fantasy, Enola Holmes, The Crown, The Hunt, The Undertaker. Truthseekers and Liber-Rossy! Plus not one but two prog reviews!!!!

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Rossy sends John down the wrasslin' wabbit Hole! Mr. Ross likes well oiled muscle he-men. The Mandolorian. Flint is '60 Days In' on his social media ban. Caroline Munro. John gets his 'Spacewarp' and 'The'77' on. 

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Thanks to everyone that participated in the most successful Drokktober!

Old Universal horror movies. The haunting series. The Mandalorian Season 2...woohoo! John goes down the rabbit-hole. Cyclists and comedians! MASKS SAVE LIVES!

All this and the usual prog review.

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Flint talks 'Spacewarp' with The Godfather of British Comics himself - Pat Mills.

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We talk STUFF!
Also...Drokktober Continues!!!

@Drokktober #Drokktober #Drokktober2020

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Lestat goes wrestling. Biggest comic ever - KISS! Johns latest book by Author Atthew Smith. Mr. Ross and his 'Munroe Doll'. Universal Horror. SmashTV Burdis style!
Drokktober Continues!!!

@Drokktober #Drokktober #Drokktober2020

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Original Episode blurb:
'In this one the guys look at progs 1671-1673 in their own unique (stupid) style. Richard once again annoys the Dante fans and Flint annoys everyone else. As always expect spoilers throughout and non-kiddie friendly language.'

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The podcast is a bit glitchy at times but we do have 'Council Talk' with John Burdis. Mr. Ross does a quick 'Misty/Scream' review. John was a guest on the 'Omen To That' podcast. 'Raised by Wolves','The Boys'! The Mattress is down in the dumps. Aztecs and Incas. Plus the prog review.

@Drokktober #Drokktober #Drokktober2020

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The lads are joined by fan of the show - Jason Caskey.

I pity da fool! We talk all sorts of nonsense from Jasons comic book writin' to wrasslin'. We review the jump on prog but not really a jump on prog! And other stuff I can't remember because we waffle too much. Also...don't forget DROKKTOBER!!!!

@Drokktober #Drokktober #Drokktober2020

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Join John, Flint and Special Guest, Jason as they go through the Drokktober list and explain what it’s all about and where you can post. You don’t have to be a brilliant artist…anyone can take part. All are welcome partake in this…the second Drokktober! 
@Drokktober #Drokktober #Drokktober2020

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Mr. Ross gets his 'Flash' Blu-Ray. John talks about two hairy bikers and Flint watches 'Ratched' and 'Raised by Wolves'. Oh...and there's the last part of 'End of Days'. Sigh!

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Flash...Aaah Aaah! He'll drain Rossy's bank account!

Mr. Ross and his wildfires. Johns 'Rico' Trilogy. Flint goes on Megazine rant. Creepy Netflix. 'Peninsula', 'The Boys', '7500', 'Yellowstone'. 'Portraits from Ground Zero'. AP is looking for Talent! Pulp Audio Books and things get a bit messed up with the Prog review...not that anyone will notice.

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It's Ryan Brown!
The man who knows how to push everyone's buttons !
Ryan leaves just before the Prog review trying to avoid the 2000ad blacklist - Sucker!!! Mr. Ross leaves early too...but for him...it's too late.
The prog is reviewed (Oh Grud!) and the letters page read.

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Another Regened issue hits the shelves. 'Judge Fears Big Day Out!'. Flint is getting more and more ideas for a better adult 'regened' special. The guys get straight into it.

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Bill and Ted, Masters of the Universe. Johns Adventures in Plumbing. 2000ad FCBD. WAP!

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Dredd helmets and Nude Beaches. John's quick review of 'The'77'. Movie round-up...and THAT Wonder Woman cover.

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Troll Conspiracy Theory!
Flying Ant Day. Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Watch Gonna Do? 'Dejah Thoris' by DAbnett. E.R. Burroughs Explained.
Flint and Rossy do a quick review of 'The'77'.

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Hang out your washing!
Walks with John. The Story of Anvil. All this excitement and the usual Prog review.

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We only recorded an hour ago and I've forgotten everything we talked about. It's something, something, Pandemic, something.

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Farewell to Famous Mexican Actor - John Saxon!
Paddy H*tler! Mr. Ross reviews 'Badass' and pimps the 'IndieWars' Kickstarter.

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Flint and Mr. Ross give a spoiler-free review of Uncle Pats much anticipated new comic venture 'Spacewarp' and, boy oh boy, are they not disappointed.
Spacewarp is Muhammad Ali to 2000ads Sonny Liston!

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Pool-time, Carole Baskin, 'The Old Guard', Animation, 'Superman: Red Son', Rambling Man, 'The Gunman'...and John reads the letters page!

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The Sky at Night. The Machines are taking over. 'Hanna'. 'Greyhound'. John and his paddle pool. Remember listeners, you are listening to the Original and the Best 2000ad centric Progcast!

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Happy UK Pub Independence Day!
Mr. 'Rugged Man' Ross - Kung-Fu Master. Johns missus reviews 'Devil in a Blue Dress.' The Judge Dredd LIVE Experience. Rebellion Kickstarter. 'Warrior Nun'.
Plus the Prog and Sci-Fi Special Review.

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Space B*st*rds Ahoy!
The gang are joined by, Eric Peterson. Eric talks about his 'Space B*st*rds' comic book history. AP Indie Wars, Chesty Sanchez, Warrior Nun. All the Actors Whatstheirnames. Space Force and Inside Monaco.

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Go Out but Stay inside!
A comics writing legend passes away. Mr. Ross has a 'bum' knee and Mr. B has a 'bum' leg. They'd be terrible in a three legged race! DC Animated Movies. 'The'77'. John has some 'war wound' stories that aren't related to his Megazine Slog. 'Derry Girls' and 'Space Dumplins'. Another near 3hr talking nonsense episode.

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The Greatest Beard of All Time - Samantha Fox!
Old school movie going. Coronavirus II - The Virus Strikes back! Protest! War Graves. One Way Supermarket System. Conspiracy. 'Gun Woman' and Johns gammy leg!

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For Mash get Smash!
Well, not really. Smashie and Nicey (do a lot of good work for Charity) review this 68 page US size special. All you're old favorites, that you were too young to have read and haven't a clue who they are, are all here.
No Myteking around...the guys go straight for the jugular.
The Podcast is just shy of 2hrs...which is more time than you get from the new Thunderbolts Mickey Mouse watch.

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Another Regened issue!
Zoom! SpaceX. 'The Invisible Man', 'Harry's Heroes'. John has never seen 'The Godfather'. 'Gangs of London', 'Bronson'. Mr. Ross and the Gun Show. To tan or Not to tan...Mind Police!

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Protests, Rioting and looting...Oh my!
John is the Ultimate BAME! Haircuts. 'The Sweeney'. John falls down a hole...but not a Mr. Ross Rabbit Hole! 'Your Were Never Really Here!'. Crazy Joe.

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The Podcast that helps Flatten the Curve!
Memorial Day for the Yanks! Facebook depression. RIP Charles Lippincott. John discovers some local history he didn't know about. Mr. Ross knows waaaay too much about musicals...as he dissects 'Valley Girl'. Flint has watched 'Rise of Skywalker'. The Ghey! The Ghey!!!
Listen to 2 hours of greatness!

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2 plus hours to keep you 'entertained' in these hard and trying times.
The ECBT 'Origins' Story. Now you can track your countries Murder, Death, Kill Stats! Mr. Ross, always the great book salesman sells John and Flint on...Video Nasties. We review 'The 77' and it's good! 'The Nice Guys', 'Captain Marvel', 'Extraction'. The lads would give an arm and a leg to skip this prog but, being the amateurs we are...we couldn't. John delights us in reading The Letters Page.

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More Tales of Covid-19.
John gives listeners a shout out. The FCBD Zoom meeting. Mr. Ross loves Star Wars: Clone Wars and YOU should too! David Icke stands for Freedom! Uncle Pat's 'SpaceWarp' is getting near. Flint is going to try his hand at a 'Starbla...er...Commando' style 64 page, full color digest. And it won't be crowdfunded. Also...a companion podcast to ECBT is announced...it's going to be MEGA!

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Inject Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!
The boys are back just in time for the Weekend...it's not as if you are all going anywhere anyways! Mr. Ross has his storytime and it's awesome!
Also Monsanto and The Cartel. John gives some listeners a shout out and the lads do their very best to delay reviewing the prog. It's that bad. Hooray!

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The Cabin Fever Episode!

Mr. Ross has watched 'Magadheera' and gives more wrasslin' info. John's delivery adventures. Flint is watching 'The English Game'. The top pick of the Prog might surprise people.

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Are you Social Distancing properly?
Johns neighbor leaves him a very polite note. Mr. Ross has a busy Weekend. Special Guest Dave enjoyed his birthday. Jonny Midge gets a mention. The 'Cor! Buster Special' is a huge hit for the gang. Enjoy this 3hr plus Progcast during these hard and trying times.

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The Literary Vandalism Episode.
John goes down the rabbit hole. 'Chris, close the door!'. John has bought the latest 'Judges' and 'Deadworld' books. The collapse of Diamond Distributors and the end of the comic book industry in it's current form. Boring Old Picard. Julia Child. The Adventures of Hershey Before She Wuz Dead!

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Life in the Time of Covid-19!
Nice extra weekend Progcast. Don't say we don't spoil you!
'Essential Worker' John and Mr. Ross talk about YouTube celebrity concerts. Mr. Ross Dad is alive and well. What do YOU think of D'Isaeli's art?

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Caz has taken social distancing to a new level by locking John in the Cellar of Dredd. Mr. Ross and Flint are joined by The Eggman himself, Julius Howe.

How has life changed for the crazy gang? Is there a New World Order and which Lizard Overlords are running it? Not only does the prog get reviewed but the lads also review 'Sentinel:Special Delivery' and the 'Action 2020' Special.

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The Social Distancing Podcast!
Slaine - Sideshow Collectables. The Young/New Pope! Beware the flimflam man, the confidence trickster and other chicanery. John watches 'Kingdom' and the Harley Quinn movie. This progcast comes complete with free crunching crisps noises!

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Corona or Cabrón-a-virus?
Stop all the insane hoarding! Good Supply chain and wash your hands!!!
Zero, Zero, Zero...Rebellions bad taste T-Shirt! 2000ad Mild. Another Niemand Theory. When is a storyboard NOT a storyboard...when it's a storyboard. John buys an album. All this and the return of 'Skip Tracer'...Hooray!!!

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ECBT hits a huge Milestone...Progcast 500!!!

To celebrate this special occasion the lads are joined by two excellent guests...Julius Howe and Dave Heeley. Taking a break from the latest prog it seemed appropriate to review Prog 500. Enjoy the progcast and take your time...this is three hours of babble.

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The Coronavirus won't stop Mr. Ross's movie night! We talk about the 'all ages' prog and Mr. Burdis and Flint try to convince Mr. Ross to do a 'Pub Snacks' video with his Dad. ECBT...the Exceedingly Good Podcast!

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A comic store closes, online shopping, deniers of history, Regened and some quick tv/movie talk. Mr. Ross has to leave early because of his 'bum' knee...so, it's the Prog review up first.

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Brexit Burdis. Right said Dredd. The Judges Book 6. 'Get Out'
...and the Prog review.

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Happy Valentines Day.
We love our listeners so much, we've posted a bonus Progcast this week.
Flooding and drains. I like Traffic lights. The Oscars. The Ramones Storytime with Mr. Ross...and the Prog review.

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Mr. Ross and Mr. B have seen 'Terminator: Dark Fate'..and it's not good. Flint has read 'Stuf Said' about Stan Lee and Jack Kirby..and for Stan...it's not good. Mr. Ross learns a new word thanks to Wullie Russell...and it's not good. John reads Stephen Watsons 100th letter...and it's not good. The good stuff is...The Enniskillen Con, The '77 Kickstarter Comic, Warrior Nun TV series...and Stephen Watsons 100th letter! Not a typo!!!

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Brexit Burdis!
Jools Holland. Burdis vs Postie. Lawless. Dress Code. Cultural Appreciation. Shakira. It's 'Urban Strike' Flint...'Urban Strike!' The Prog review is BACK!!!!

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Pete 'I'M NAKED!' Wells shares with Flint the Top 3 2000ad and the top 3 Judge Dredd Megazine covers of the year. 'Nuff Said!!!

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Who is Huell Howser? Simon Davis would like scans of his 'Thistlebone' roughs. 'Lawless' con and the Southern Contingent meet-up. John has two rants about Rebellions book orders and 'Comic Scene'. 'Sector 13' fanzine. Rebellion try to crack the US market...yet again! Thieves, Thieves and Thieves!
Plus the prog review.

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We catch up with Uncle Pat and find out what he's cooking up this year. An exciting time ahead for Pat's creator-owned project 'Space Warp'. Plus 'Flesh' the Movie..or what could have been. All this and even more as we delve into Pats creations and the year ahead.

This is 3 hours long. You've been WARNED! ;-)

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The ill-informed idiots talk about the 'Best of 2000ad' and the 'Essential Dredd' reprint titles coming to the US market. More sad news from the animal kingdom. Mr. B will give you 50p...if you wear girls knickers!!! Oo-er missus! Mr. Ross 'De Star Warz' rant. Why Mr. Ross doesn't keep Guinea Pigs anymore. Vampires on Craggy Island or 'Why Flint turned off the Dracula series' after two minutes!

All this and the second half of the Prog review.

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Some Sad News to start the New Year then...

John has a rant. The Witcher, Lost in Space Season2, The Mandalorian. Flint watched The Golden Globes. Talking about Golden Globes...It's Patricia Arquette, Flint! Not Rossana! No greater joy in the New Year than the sound of John reading the letters.

2000HeHe becomes The Official Parody strip of ECBT!

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New Decade, New Day...same old rubbish. Here's the blurb from when this Blast from the Past was published...

"For the first time in AGES we are up to date, so as well as looking at 1669 & 70 the guys also delve back to April 1977 to get stuck into Prog 10. They also find time to talk about PJ Holdens non 2000AD work on Battlefields, offend as many people as possible and question Richards heterosexuality ...a lot.

As always, spoilers throughout and non kiddie friendly language. "

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