Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Go Out but Stay inside!
A comics writing legend passes away. Mr. Ross has a 'bum' knee and Mr. B has a 'bum' leg. They'd be terrible in a three legged race! DC Animated Movies. 'The'77'. John has some 'war wound' stories that aren't related to his Megazine Slog. 'Derry Girls' and 'Space Dumplins'. Another near 3hr talking nonsense episode.

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The Greatest Beard of All Time - Samantha Fox!
Old school movie going. Coronavirus II - The Virus Strikes back! Protest! War Graves. One Way Supermarket System. Conspiracy. 'Gun Woman' and Johns gammy leg!

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For Mash get Smash!
Well, not really. Smashie and Nicey (do a lot of good work for Charity) review this 68 page US size special. All you're old favorites, that you were too young to have read and haven't a clue who they are, are all here.
No Myteking around...the guys go straight for the jugular.
The Podcast is just shy of 2hrs...which is more time than you get from the new Thunderbolts Mickey Mouse watch.

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Another Regened issue!
Zoom! SpaceX. 'The Invisible Man', 'Harry's Heroes'. John has never seen 'The Godfather'. 'Gangs of London', 'Bronson'. Mr. Ross and the Gun Show. To tan or Not to tan...Mind Police!

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Protests, Rioting and looting...Oh my!
John is the Ultimate BAME! Haircuts. 'The Sweeney'. John falls down a hole...but not a Mr. Ross Rabbit Hole! 'Your Were Never Really Here!'. Crazy Joe.

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