Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

The Podcast that helps Flatten the Curve!
Memorial Day for the Yanks! Facebook depression. RIP Charles Lippincott. John discovers some local history he didn't know about. Mr. Ross knows waaaay too much about musicals...as he dissects 'Valley Girl'. Flint has watched 'Rise of Skywalker'. The Ghey! The Ghey!!!
Listen to 2 hours of greatness!

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2 plus hours to keep you 'entertained' in these hard and trying times.
The ECBT 'Origins' Story. Now you can track your countries Murder, Death, Kill Stats! Mr. Ross, always the great book salesman sells John and Flint on...Video Nasties. We review 'The 77' and it's good! 'The Nice Guys', 'Captain Marvel', 'Extraction'. The lads would give an arm and a leg to skip this prog but, being the amateurs we are...we couldn't. John delights us in reading The Letters Page.

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More Tales of Covid-19.
John gives listeners a shout out. The FCBD Zoom meeting. Mr. Ross loves Star Wars: Clone Wars and YOU should too! David Icke stands for Freedom! Uncle Pat's 'SpaceWarp' is getting near. Flint is going to try his hand at a 'Starbla...er...Commando' style 64 page, full color digest. And it won't be crowdfunded. Also...a companion podcast to ECBT is announced...it's going to be MEGA!

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Inject Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!
The boys are back just in time for the Weekend...it's not as if you are all going anywhere anyways! Mr. Ross has his storytime and it's awesome!
Also Monsanto and The Cartel. John gives some listeners a shout out and the lads do their very best to delay reviewing the prog. It's that bad. Hooray!

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