Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

A Very Special Christmas Progcast.

John reads the Drokktober prose winning entry.
"Death of Dredd" by Matthew Lawson.

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Twas the Progcast Before Christmas!

Ezquerra Lawgiver. Gary Numan strikes back. Britain's Hardest Men. 'Shanna the Firehair' written by Mr. Ross! Also the last prog review before the Xmas Year End Issue.

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Our very first Post-Apocalyptic Progcast!
John talks about the UK Election bloodbath. Mr. Ross spoils a movie that he doesn't think he spoiled but totally did.
Oh boy, is this one a doozy!

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John gives his Southern Contingent report. Wonder Woman trailer hits. The infamous Advent Calendar image that got Wullie banned!!!! Harley Quinn the Animated Series. Ross Clone Judge goes on a train ride.
All this and the usual Prog review.

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With Special Guest: Simon Hodgkiss-Rogers!

The Southern Contingent gathering is this Saturday, December 7th! Get there!!!!
Uncle talk. John goes to gigs. 'Deadworld' 2000ad Signing. 'War of the Worlds' Booooorrrriiinnnnggg! We talk streaming services, movies and tv shows. Simon highly recommends 'Channel Zero: Candle Cove'. Pete Wells 'Buttonman' comes to Netflix and he's nearly nekkid! All this and the prog review.

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Rich reviews 'The Dead' by Alan Grant/Simon Bisley. The Progcast gets a mention in the Megazine. Even Flint manages to sneak some of his art in. Oh boy! Have Flints views changed today or what? Another embarrassing blast from the past!

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