Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

'Knightfall' and other terrible 90's comics. Jungle Girl Comics, Buck Rogers and Albert Fish! 'Cor! & Buster Special' gets a quick mention. And we review the Villains Takeover Special.

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The 'Hello Fellow, Kids' Issue is reviewed.
John is rudely interrupted on the phone as he spills the beans about his long trip to Spain for the Enniskillen con. 'Space B*st*rds!' is finally here and it's great!
Be Warned: This Progcast is Long! (Ooer, Missus!)

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John gives a run down on Free Comic Book Day and the swag he picked up. The Future shock that shocked us...for all the wrong reasons.

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Sexy whispering, The Three Stooges Last Supper, Mr. Ross the Bridge-maker and John recommends some Podcasts.

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'Marvel: Endgame' Spoilers and Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalkers potential spoilers.
Fast Forward to 1hr 23 minutes and 43 seconds to skip them all.
We also review the prog and talk a small bit about the 'Cor! Buster' Special.

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