Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Happy Thanksgiving!

John talks about the disappointing 'War of the Worlds' series. Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett...which block are you with? Dear Grud Tharg...'Full Tilt Boogie'...Why??? ...and of course, the Prog review!

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Forget The Krampus...we have The Burdus!
Jawas from Kent! John goes on a rant! The old men yell at clouds!
Wakey, wakey storytime. Christmas sweaters. It's a long progcast with the prog review tacked on at the end.

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Welcome to the Oprah/Dr. Phil Show!
John is a guest on Space Spinner! 'Atypical'. The British Treasury of Comics Specials. Cursed Earth Radio! The High Street experience. 'Deadly Ernest and Jill Johnson, Flint!!! The Golden Amazon. And the usual Prog review.

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Drokktober Competition Results!
Thought Bubble. Selling at a con. Hobbs & Shaw. The Grinch. World on Fire. Jack Ryan. And the usual Prog review!

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The results of the Drokktober competition will be revealed this Friday the 8th of November. Good luck to everyone that took part!

This progcast we talk about the California wildfires, 'Rok the God' Kickstarter, Terminator: Dark Fate and two movies that John has seen...that were crap but fun!

Podcast available via iTunes or the Libsyn Webpage as a direct download.

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