Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

A Very Special Christmas Progcast.

John reads the Drokktober prose winning entry.
"Death of Dredd" by Matthew Lawson.

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Twas the Progcast Before Christmas!

Ezquerra Lawgiver. Gary Numan strikes back. Britain's Hardest Men. 'Shanna the Firehair' written by Mr. Ross! Also the last prog review before the Xmas Year End Issue.

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Our very first Post-Apocalyptic Progcast!
John talks about the UK Election bloodbath. Mr. Ross spoils a movie that he doesn't think he spoiled but totally did.
Oh boy, is this one a doozy!

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John gives his Southern Contingent report. Wonder Woman trailer hits. The infamous Advent Calendar image that got Wullie banned!!!! Harley Quinn the Animated Series. Ross Clone Judge goes on a train ride.
All this and the usual Prog review.

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With Special Guest: Simon Hodgkiss-Rogers!

The Southern Contingent gathering is this Saturday, December 7th! Get there!!!!
Uncle talk. John goes to gigs. 'Deadworld' 2000ad Signing. 'War of the Worlds' Booooorrrriiinnnnggg! We talk streaming services, movies and tv shows. Simon highly recommends 'Channel Zero: Candle Cove'. Pete Wells 'Buttonman' comes to Netflix and he's nearly nekkid! All this and the prog review.

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Rich reviews 'The Dead' by Alan Grant/Simon Bisley. The Progcast gets a mention in the Megazine. Even Flint manages to sneak some of his art in. Oh boy! Have Flints views changed today or what? Another embarrassing blast from the past!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

John talks about the disappointing 'War of the Worlds' series. Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett...which block are you with? Dear Grud Tharg...'Full Tilt Boogie'...Why??? ...and of course, the Prog review!

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Forget The Krampus...we have The Burdus!
Jawas from Kent! John goes on a rant! The old men yell at clouds!
Wakey, wakey storytime. Christmas sweaters. It's a long progcast with the prog review tacked on at the end.

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Welcome to the Oprah/Dr. Phil Show!
John is a guest on Space Spinner! 'Atypical'. The British Treasury of Comics Specials. Cursed Earth Radio! The High Street experience. 'Deadly Ernest and Jill Johnson, Flint!!! The Golden Amazon. And the usual Prog review.

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Drokktober Competition Results!
Thought Bubble. Selling at a con. Hobbs & Shaw. The Grinch. World on Fire. Jack Ryan. And the usual Prog review!

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The results of the Drokktober competition will be revealed this Friday the 8th of November. Good luck to everyone that took part!

This progcast we talk about the California wildfires, 'Rok the God' Kickstarter, Terminator: Dark Fate and two movies that John has seen...that were crap but fun!

Podcast available via iTunes or the Libsyn Webpage as a direct download.

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Daddy Ross update! The LAG cast review of Flash Gordon. 80's movies are full of dicks! Water Tank Trouble. All this and the Prog Review!

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Flint is back from Ireland. Burdochs or Beshoffs? Book hunting. John Wick 3. Death McDonald. Burdis Bunker. Your Smart Meter is Listening! Barking Dogs and The Witch Joke goes over Mr. Ross' Head! All this and, of course, the Prog review!

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Flint and Rich are joined by The Whittle to review the Bumper end of year 2010 Prog!

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Drokktober End of Week 1!
SPOILER FREE! Joker movie, Killing Gunther, Rambo: Last Blood. How reading comics has changed. Chico the Rainmaker. Snagglepuss Pen Pals. Slave Pets. Golden Age Jungle Girls. It's Harry Dean Stanton, FLINT!!!!! All this and the 'Jump-On' Prog review...and Yeah...WAGNER IS BACK...and it's glorious!!!

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The gang go through the Drokktober list and explain what it's all about and were you can post. You don't have to be a brilliant artist...anyone can take part. All are welcome partake in this...the inaugural Drokktober! 
There will be prizes. And boy...they're good prizes too!


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The PenultiLuke Progcast before DROKKTOBER Begins!
We will have a special Progcast on September 30th outlining all the Days of Drokktober. Until that short time...listen to more shenanigans as the triumvirate talk about Dark Crystal, Blacula, Hotel Mumbai, Civil War rounds, ComicScene! Johns midlife crisis...'At The Sun'! And of course...the prog review.

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What is Drokktober? The gang explain.
The Three Stooges also discuss when plagiarism isn't plagiarism when it's plagiarism! Canadian Prime Minister Al Jolson! Greenland, Flint, Greenland! The Prog review might surprise you as to what we pick as the best story...well, Flint and Mr. B anyways.

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Incident in Kent!
Strange Pubs - The Rising Sun! Fishing for Robots! Mind Bender?!? Mayans! Rico Tales! Scarlet Traces Anthology! Nemesis Hardback...Ding! Ding! Ding! Shanna the Firehair and John Charles 'Technofreak'! Dark Crystal, Titans Season 2 and Thargs Boring Thrillers! All this and the usual Prog review!

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The Galaxy's Greatest Fanzine!
'Day of Dredd'. Rebellion disappoints. Tote Bags! Black & White versus Color. Original art and the infamous 'ghost' cover!

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Prog That Broke Mr. Ross!
The guys aren't happy campers with this one. Flints rant is so long he got tired of bleeping it out! 'Defoe' floppy!?! Megazine issues! John sees 'The Mule'. Go ride a bike. 'Rise of the Skywalkers'. Cliff Weston? Gwandanaland and Public Domain characters. Remember...all the opinions of the hosts on the show are just that...opinions.
Be warned...this Progcast is an angry one!

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Blast from the Past!
Ill-informed Flint and Rich review Progs 1663-1665. And when I say ill-informed...Oh Boy!

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'Fishing for Robots', 'Barry', 'The Family'. Frank Miller, Disney+, Hasbro Animation...Dredds art is great...Andersons not so much! 'YayGirl' is back...'Hooray!'...said no-one EVER!

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John gets caught 'Burdisizing'. Hacky Sack plastic surgery. Old school comics and animated tv shows. Plus the Prog review.

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We are joined by the '1977-2000AD' Facebook Groups very own Dave Heeley...who is stuck in Johns 'Cellar of Dredd'!
Mr . Ross...or is it Mr. Rex! John talks about the two Steves and their 'Joe and his Killer Robot Dad' comic book. Cornflakes everywhere! And going to the Doctors for a kill shot!

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'Spider-Man: Far From Home'. Flint gets Mahershala Ali mixed up with Erik LaRay Harvey! John Charles 'Technofreak'! 'Space B*st*rds! Lobo in Krypton Season 2! Plus the usual Prog review.



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'Ramblin' Man' Review, The Sexton Beer, 2000ads San Diego Panel, 'The Boys', 'Barry', 'Godzilla: King of Monsters'. Bad Floppy reprints and John reads the Letters page!

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'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Spoilers! Deepfakes! Flint's reads his 'Tammy & Jinty Special' text reviews to John and Steve! Plus the usual Prog review!

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Go get 'Space Bastards' at San Diego Comic-Con!
Micronaut Earthquake! Shoe Shopping! Johns upcoming 'Rambling Man' concert! 2000ad San Diego. 'Stranger Things' Season 3. Mr. Ross reviews 'Dumbo'. Crikey it's Cricket! 'Hellboy'. Print On-Demand T-shirts!

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Prog review first.
Nice cover, shame about the cover. 'Furie', Doc Savage','Venture Bros.','Archer','Space 1999' and Flints predictions come true!

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Kenneth Niemand Revealed...well, kinda.
The Womens World Cup. The 'How do you do, Fellow Kids!' 'Tammy & Jinty Special'! Carlos 2000ad Sci-Fi Special! Hello John, got a new Mortgage? Flash! and the usual Prog review.

Podcast available via iTunes or the Libsyn Webpage as a direct download.

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We go backwards! Prog review up first and chit-chat later. John isn't impressed with Dredd. Update Dredds uniform? 4 stories good! Steve Longdon 'Foxy Dog' shout-out! 'Big Bang Theory' finale, 'What we do in the Shadows' and what Mr. Ross and Flint are doing for the day.

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2000AD alumni Mark McCann and Steven Austin are bringing a noir sci-fi tale, set in Northern Ireland, in a dystopian 2087. This will be a complete graphic novel, via their Kickstarter campaign!

John chats with Mark about the project and why you should back it!

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Deep Cuts Gumby! The Planes, The Planes! ...And other stuff I forgot about and we only finished recording a few hours ago! Sucks getting old!
Oh...and the Prog review!

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Good Omens, Hard Target 2. John goes gardening and Space Bastards! Plus the Prog Review.

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John rocks out! Bad Liverpool fan! Julius and The Art of Comedy! Fish out of Water!
Mr. Ross reads the Indian Epic "Mumblemumbelmememabit'. All this and the prog review!

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If only ECBT had an Editor!
This is a whopping 3hrs of Adult cinema recollections. 'The Outer Limits' and Mr. B's 'Lawless' report. And of Course, the Prog Review!

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'Knightfall' and other terrible 90's comics. Jungle Girl Comics, Buck Rogers and Albert Fish! 'Cor! & Buster Special' gets a quick mention. And we review the Villains Takeover Special.

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The 'Hello Fellow, Kids' Issue is reviewed.
John is rudely interrupted on the phone as he spills the beans about his long trip to Spain for the Enniskillen con. 'Space B*st*rds!' is finally here and it's great!
Be Warned: This Progcast is Long! (Ooer, Missus!)

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John gives a run down on Free Comic Book Day and the swag he picked up. The Future shock that shocked us...for all the wrong reasons.

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Sexy whispering, The Three Stooges Last Supper, Mr. Ross the Bridge-maker and John recommends some Podcasts.

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'Marvel: Endgame' Spoilers and Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalkers potential spoilers.
Fast Forward to 1hr 23 minutes and 43 seconds to skip them all.
We also review the prog and talk a small bit about the 'Cor! Buster' Special.

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The Grim Reaper of Tat! Mechanical Mozart! Viking Funeral!
John gets his car sorted and has an interesting Dredd idea.
Mr. Ross leaves early to catch/fall for his bus.
All this and the usual Prog review.

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Shazam Spoilers! Star Wars Trailer reaction. Mr. Ross leaves early for his one hour work shift...but manages to get in his story recaps.

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Another Old School Episode!
Flint is MIA for some of this one . Rich calls in the cavalry - Iz McAuliffe!
4 progs are reviewed 1659-1662.

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Sidecar Steve! DC Digital & Trades. CPAP! Laurel & Hardy, Venture Bros. Mith Tyson Mytheries! We miss Johns Tea-Time deadline but do manage to get the letters read. All this and the Prog review.

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We learn more about Mr. Ross every Progcast!!! He has Japanese Pan-Pals and is now an Associate Editor! Pick up a free 'Rogue Trooper' comic at 'Lawless'. Malibu Comics and Jim Starlin. John reads the letters page.
All this nonsense and the Prog review.

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John isn't happy with the Anderson interview. Flint recommends two Podcasts - Where Eagles Dare and another he can't pronounce for the life of him - The Great Direlict! The Hipster, Ginger Millennial Wedding and a Bookstore Tribute.

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Another Blast from the Past!
Here's the original blurb for this episode...

"With Flint unavailable Rich does the only sensible thing and gets in two girls to replace him. Between them they look at progs 1657 and 1658 and discuss important topics such as “Does Johnny Alpha look prettier with or without his helmet”.

Contains spoilers throughout and more swearing than you would expect from two young ladies of breeding.

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Red Con 1, Triple Frontier, Alita Battle Angel, The Mummy, Captain Marvel! Which one of these movies got Mr. Ross's rating of 3 naps out of 5!
As well as all the TV and Movie watching...we review the Prog!

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They're back!
This time Beeching and Burdis do a running commentary on the 2012 Dredd movie. Line up your Blu-Ray and Dvd's...Are you ready?

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Good Grief this is a long Progcast...if only ECBT had an Editor!
Dave Heely of '1977-2000AD' joins the crazy gang for this one. Poor Dave.
2000ad Art Stars! Flints arm is a TV Star! Lawless. Mr. Ross compares 2000ad Creators with Porn Stars! Mortal Engines and Fantastic Beasts II, Umbrella Academy and Flat Earth. Julius does his own reboot of Rogue Trooper. Bubble Bath and rip-offs! This one has it all, folks!

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Sync your VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/Blu-Ray and listen along as Ashley Beeching (making his ECBT debut) and Mr. Burdis do a running commentary on the '95 Stallone 'Dredd' movie.

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It's a short one this time as we go straight into the prog. It's imperative that we don't go over John's Tea Time! Thank Grud for that says our two listeners.

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More old school ECBT!
Rich gives a rundown of his convention fun and the The Halloween Special plus Progs 1655 and 1656 are reviewed.

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The '1977-2000AD Golden Squirrel Awards'.
Julius and John check their schedules. Prog selling, 'Earthside 8', Legendary Shark - Get Well Soon! Is someone missing a beachhead? Block Liar Card Game. Rico Dredd Novel discussion. Bill Hicks and other unfunny comedians. Plus the obligatory Prog review!

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More Thought Bubble news. Mr. Ross talks Norwegian Ninja. John sees Venom and Flint has watched 'Russian Doll' season 1. Wagner and macNeill are firing on all cylinders. It's good to see Dredd back on Top!

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It's Batman o'Clock...time for the original 2000ad Progcast!
We hear about John's birthday bash. Constantine is boring. Tarantino isn't any good. 'Shut up, little man!' Lots of useless uninformed nonsense and the prog review as usual.

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'Roy of the Rovers', John joins a band, 'Solo' review, 'Punisher, The Fearsome 'Doctor Fang!' Wagner is BACK! and it's so good!
All this and the prog review.

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Does this podcast give you 'sparkling joy'? Chicken Butt! Legless at Lawless? Johns trials and tribulations at work. Mr. Ross finally gets the video done! All this and the Prog review.

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Another trip down memory lane...Rich and Flint cover Henry Flints first prog....Prog 119! Also Progs 1653 & 1654.

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A goodbye to Ron Smith. Thank you for the memories.
Canon or not canon! ACE Comic-con, SAS: Who Dares Wins, Rick Remender...it was 'Captain Dingleberry' Flint!!!
All this and the prog review.

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Pete is joined by Flint and Mr. Ross as they go through the Top Covers of 2018. And Pete's NAKED!!!!

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New Year, Same Nonsense! What the gang did over Christmas. What's in a name? Bikini Coffee Time! The New Lawless Convention. Movie and TV time with 'Baywatch', 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse', 'Bird Box', 'Gotham', 'Titans', 'Castle Rock' and 'Aquabro'. Flint and Steve talk Kirby's 'New Gods'.

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