Everything Comes Back to 2000AD
ECBT2000AD - 138

ECBT2000AD - 138: Flint, Burdis, IDWs latest Dredd offering, 'jump-on' prog, Puppetry of the Penis, The Whittle™. Nuff Said!

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Everything Starts With 2000AD #01

Been threatening to do this for ages but we've finally taken the plunge and put out the very first Everything Starts With 2000AD Podcast looking back at issue one of The Galaxy's Greatest Comic.

Some of you may remember the earliest ECBT2000AD podcasts had old prog reviews but for time reasons these got dropped. This new podcast will hopefully be fairly regular, have various hosts, possibly with Whittle as a constant, do one prog at a time and be relatively short.

Hope ya like them. As always we will be actively encouraging participants to knock back a few beers and have some fun with it.

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Megacast 338

Recorded back to back with the last episode (so therefore coming at you pre-beered up) its the latest megacast looking at issue 338

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Flint and Luke cover 1848 and 1849

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EP136-ECBT2000AD : Arthur Wyatt interview

Luke interviews Arthur Wyatt about the Dredd movie sequel he's writing for the Megazine, the recently completed Streets of Dan Francisco, and some other semi-related tangents.

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Ep135 - ECBT2000AD

Flint and Special guest Stacey Whittle go Full Dante!

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Megacast 337

Iz and Whittle reminisce about Glasgow Comic Con briefly before being joined by a BOY <gasp> to talk about Megazine 337

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