Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

The latest episode of Everything Starts With 2000AD sees The Whittle joined by the fabulous Dredd and Zombo artist Henry Flint. They go nutty over Berlardinelli and get all nostalgic about spitballs and Concorde.

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Ep143 - ECBT2000AD

More of the same...with added Luke!

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Everything Starts With 2000AD #07

Episode 7 sees The Whittle enlist the awesome Jon Davis Hunt in co host duties. Get ready for seriously excited people talking all things Prog 7, Garbage Pail Kids, Maths, the joy of Steven Segal and characters plainly NOT embracing their 70's roots!
Ar here man reet,  Stace's heidset anly went in blew up near the end like,so there's like a massi gap an then geet shite sound quality at the end like. Eeeh ahm geet sorry bout that like it'll proper be sorted next time  divvent worry bout that man!

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ECBT2000ad Ep 142: Flint and Burdis breeze through Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #2 and Prog 1855. Give their reviews of 'The Cursed Earth' fan film and also sneak in a glowing review of Alex Ronalds work.

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Continuing straight on from the last podcast here's the same lot looking at issue 340 of the Megacast

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Ep141 - ECBT2000AD

Rich is joined by Richmond Clements of Futurequake to talk Thought Bubble, Zarjaz, the new Drokk title and his own graphic novel Pirates of the Lost World

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Megacast 339

Stacey, Iz and Rich talk too much, so this is part 1 of the new Megacast, reviewing 339. 340 to follow. Warning: all podders are tired and punchy.

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Everything Starts With 2000AD #06

Everything Starts With 2000AD reaches Programme #6 from April 1977. This time The Whittle is joined by Judge Dredd writer Mike Carroll as they talk Himmlers Gold, Dan Dare being shit out of a Biog and of course The Labyrinth!

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