Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

ECBT 2000ad Ep241

Julius Howe is back ! We talk about The Art of Comedy. Also, all the latest 2000ad tat is discussed...well, not really!

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ECBT 2000ad Ep240: Flint and Steve are joined by comedian Julius Howe as they discuss remastered comics, captions and canon. That old chestnut!

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The guys check out prog 1965 in the usual classy manner

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The guys check out prog 1964

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ECBT2000AD Ep237: 'Casefiles: Arkham' is a new original Graphic Novel released by 01Publishing. Flint interviews the brains behind 01 Publishing, the 2000ad influenced Josh Finney, Kat Rocha and Casefiles: Arkham co-creator Patrick McEvoy

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ECBT2000AD Ep236:A brief discussion on 'Legends of Tomorrow' TV show before the prog review and the bell chimes for Steve as he's off to work!

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ECBT2000ad Ep235

The gang discuss the 2000ad Documentary 'Future Shock' as weel as the usual Prog!

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