Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Dredd helmets and Nude Beaches. John's quick review of 'The'77'. Movie round-up...and THAT Wonder Woman cover.

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Troll Conspiracy Theory!
Flying Ant Day. Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Watch Gonna Do? 'Dejah Thoris' by DAbnett. E.R. Burroughs Explained.
Flint and Rossy do a quick review of 'The'77'.

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Hang out your washing!
Walks with John. The Story of Anvil. All this excitement and the usual Prog review.

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We only recorded an hour ago and I've forgotten everything we talked about. It's something, something, Pandemic, something.

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Farewell to Famous Mexican Actor - John Saxon!
Paddy H*tler! Mr. Ross reviews 'Badass' and pimps the 'IndieWars' Kickstarter.

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