Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

2000AD alumni Mark McCann and Steven Austin are bringing a noir sci-fi tale, set in Northern Ireland, in a dystopian 2087. This will be a complete graphic novel, via their Kickstarter campaign!

John chats with Mark about the project and why you should back it!

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Deep Cuts Gumby! The Planes, The Planes! ...And other stuff I forgot about and we only finished recording a few hours ago! Sucks getting old!
Oh...and the Prog review!

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Good Omens, Hard Target 2. John goes gardening and Space Bastards! Plus the Prog Review.

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John rocks out! Bad Liverpool fan! Julius and The Art of Comedy! Fish out of Water!
Mr. Ross reads the Indian Epic "Mumblemumbelmememabit'. All this and the prog review!

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If only ECBT had an Editor!
This is a whopping 3hrs of Adult cinema recollections. 'The Outer Limits' and Mr. B's 'Lawless' report. And of Course, the Prog Review!

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