Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Not exactly Pete's wet dream of going on a Summah holiday with Sir Cliff...instead he's stuck reviewing the Summah Special with Irish drunk Flint!

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This time The Whittle is joined once again by the scrumptious Michael Carroll to talk about Prog 13. Please be prepared for many many tangents and off topic musings. It's a long one...oooer!

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The Whittle has a Bristol Con recap with Iz then ropes in Rich to look at Issue 343 of the Megazine.... THE XMAS ONE!

The big catch up begins! Possibly.

As always, the issue is spoiled and the whole thing should be avoided by the easily offended.

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Flint and Rich sit down to go through 2000AD Prog 1880 and generally bicker like a sad old married couple

As always the issue is spoiled and the easily offended should REALLY have gotten the hint by now. We're not exactly subtle.

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Recorded this past Sunday at the Bristol Comics Expo, join the girls of the Megacast as they talk with Alec Worley and Al Ewing about comics writing, both generally and specifically for 2000AD

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Rich is joined by Megacast co-host Iz to discuss the upcoming Bristol Comic Expo for which she has organised the panel schedule. After that he's then joined by Pete Wells of the 2000AD Covers Uncovered blog to look at 2000AD prog 1879

As always, the language and content is unsuitable for minors or the easily offended

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ECBT2000ad Episode 164

Flint and Mr. B discuss The Cursed Edge, IDW's latest offerings including the Big Drokkin Treasury Edition, a prog and John fills us in on the Lawgiver Celebration!

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Flint and Luke are joined by 'Chesty Sanchez' creator, Ninja High School writer and huge 2000ad fan Steven Ross! 

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