Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Join John, Flint and Special Guest, Jason as they go through the Drokktober list and explain what it’s all about and where you can post. You don’t have to be a brilliant artist…anyone can take part. All are welcome partake in this…the second Drokktober! 
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Mr. Ross gets his 'Flash' Blu-Ray. John talks about two hairy bikers and Flint watches 'Ratched' and 'Raised by Wolves'. Oh...and there's the last part of 'End of Days'. Sigh!

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Flash...Aaah Aaah! He'll drain Rossy's bank account!

Mr. Ross and his wildfires. Johns 'Rico' Trilogy. Flint goes on Megazine rant. Creepy Netflix. 'Peninsula', 'The Boys', '7500', 'Yellowstone'. 'Portraits from Ground Zero'. AP is looking for Talent! Pulp Audio Books and things get a bit messed up with the Prog review...not that anyone will notice.

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It's Ryan Brown!
The man who knows how to push everyone's buttons !
Ryan leaves just before the Prog review trying to avoid the 2000ad blacklist - Sucker!!! Mr. Ross leaves early too...but for him...it's too late.
The prog is reviewed (Oh Grud!) and the letters page read.

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Another Regened issue hits the shelves. 'Judge Fears Big Day Out!'. Flint is getting more and more ideas for a better adult 'regened' special. The guys get straight into it.

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Bill and Ted, Masters of the Universe. Johns Adventures in Plumbing. 2000ad FCBD. WAP!

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