Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

Flint and Luke are joined by Al and Mike for the year end Bumper Issue. Super Fun Jesus Time!

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Not the episode to listen to if you loved IDW's Dredd #1 or Prog 1812. Burdis and Flint put on their grumpy pants! Bah! Humbug!

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Luke and Flint review 1810, 1811 and briefly 1812. Flint is back and as grumpy as ever. And yes there are swear words!

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With Flint off "on business" Luke gets Rich to stand in and get angry about progs 1808 & 1809. Unfortunately their first attempt at this which was complete with input from Mr Pete Wells had to be scrapped due to technical difficulties and "too much northern" so this is a slightly weird take 2.

As usual the progs are spoiled the the language is non-kiddie friendly.

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This special edition is a recording of the 2000AD Panel , hosted by Iz and Stacey, at this years Thought Bubble. On the panel were Rob Williams, Al Ewing, Simon Davis, Robbie Morrison, Simon Fraser, Leigh Gallagher, Lee Carter, and Michael Molcher.  Due to the nature of this live recording the audio quality isn’t brilliant and in order to make everyone audible it’s had to be digitally resampled a few times so apologies for the less than crystal clear audio throughout.


Advance warning: Some of the content is quite risqué.  The panel was advertised in the Thought Bubble programme with a minimum age recommendation of 16+ and you’ll hear why when you listen.

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Flint and Luke discuss 1806 and 'That' issue...1807.

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Oops - we (Iz & Stace) promised back in August after our last episode, that we'd be up-to-date within weeks....we lied. 

We *have* managed to get through three Megs though:  324, 325 and 326 and be warned, it's a bit of a monster at 1hr 45mins.

On the plus side, the next episode we put out will be one for ECBT2000AD in about a week - we PROMISE!! It'll be the recording of the panel at Thought Bubble where we will be asking questions of the panel -who have all given their advance permission to be recorded, so thank you again to Rob Williams, Lee Carter, Simon Davis, Robbie Morrison, Leigh Gallagher and the lovely Simon Fraser. Big thanks also go to the Thought Bubble crew and 2000AD for the opportunity!!

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'Flint and Luke cover 1804 and 1805 as well as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!'

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Flint is joined by 2000AD artist Simon Fraser for a 2hr chat about Nikolai Dante and more

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Flint and Mike discuss progs 1802 and 1803

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ECBT2000ad 96!
Flint and Luke are joined by special guest Mike Gallagher of ComicGeekSpeak.com and cover progs 1799, 1800 and 1801 and discuss the movie! Spoilers!!!! It's a looong one!

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In this episode Flint is joined by Luke to talk through progs 1797 & 1798.

Flint has assured me there's NOTHING in this one that we would need to cut out for risk of offending anyone so I'm posting it up unchecked. Because Flint is a lovely trustworthy guy... and I am an idiot.

As always the progs reviewed will be spoiled and the language probably won't be kiddie friendly.

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After seeing the film, Rich gets Iz REALLY drunk and tricks her into recording a 20 minute review of the Dredd movie

Its messy but on the plus side it's mercifully short

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In a spoiler free half hour, Iz is joined by John Burdis and Pete Wells, both of whom were in attendance at the special advance fan screening of Dredd. They give their opinion of the film, again WITHOUT spoilers, and also their take on the event also attended by, amongst others, Alex Garland, Karl Urban, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

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Covering Megazine's 322 and 323, taking us up to May 2012...and there's a rumour circulating that Stace and Iz might be recording next week to get completely up to date.

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Flint and special guest John 'Commando Forces' Burdis work their way through progs 1795 and 1796. Flint screws up nearly every strip description and John laments about everything that's wrong in comics today.

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Recorded waaaaay back in March, we have just had the nod from the Nerve Centre that Tharg the Mighty (and his minions) approve this podcast episode.

Stace and Iz talk to Mike Molcher about everything Rebellion-related & attempt (unsuccessfully) to pump him for confidential information. Humph.

Due to the delay in releasing this into the wild, some of the info is a little dated, but we've kept it all in anyway (in other words, we didn't want to re-edit it!).

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Flint and Rich get together to work through progs 1793 & 1794 so usual rules apply -  take a drink every time Flint mentions boobs for no reason at all or when Rich slurrs.

As always when they record it gets more sweary and offensive than usual and of course the progs looked at are gone over in detail so expect heavy spoilers. And if this one bugs you, you shoulda heard it before I cut out the REAL nasty stuff. We're terrible human beings.

End music by Digital Daughter and used with permission

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Flint and Luke have differences over Dantes ending...or is it?

Progs 1791-92

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Flint and Al go through 1789 and 90!
Lots of bleeping as Flint goes into a rant,

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After a traditional delay, Stacey and Iz talk about Megs 320 and 321, and for perhaps the first time ever, aren't nice about *everything*.  We were hoping for our Molch-R interview podcast to have gone up between this one and our last Bristol panel podcast but it's still being reviewed by the Nerve Centre. Megs 322 onwards will be covered in another podcast soon. Possibly.

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Flint and Luke get stuck into progs 1786, 1787 and 1788

As always the progs are discussed in detail so expect spoilers

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Flint and Rich get together for a quick 30 minute run through of the new Dredd trailer.

No spoilers but the usual language.

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In a bout of unprofessionalism that is epic even for this podcast, Richard realises two minutes in that he's read the wrong progs so has to just wing it. Despite that him and Flint work through progs 1783-85 in their usual subtle manner and decide at the end to just post the thing unedited. Well... apart from one incredibly libelous rant at the beginning which got cut out. We're not THAT stupid.

As always, the progs are spoiled, the language is unsuitable for the easily offended and the jokes are crap.

Enjoy  :)


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A little bit behind in this one. Flint and Luke discuss Progs 1781 and 1782. Listeners beware...Flint rant!

Again, not for kiddies.

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This special edition is a recording of the 2000AD Panel the girls of the Megacast hosted at this years Bristol Comic Expo. In attendance are D’Israeli, Ian Edginton, Henry Flint, Al Ewing, Boo Cook, T.C. Eglinton, Patrick Goddard, Ben Willsher and John Higgins.

Due to the nature of this live recording the audio quality isn't brilliant and in order to make everyone audible it's had to be digitally resampled a few times so apologies for the less than crystal clear audio throughout.

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The 1995 Judge Dredd movie is once again picked over and picked on by John 'Commando Forces' Burdis, Jon Davis-Hunt and Ben Willsher (with Iz McAuliffe standing in for Rich). The guys had huge sound issues so please excuse the not-so-brilliant sound quality, and they also experienced a lot of tech issues so the conversation is a bit choppy to say the least...and as a final kick in the nuts, Iz didn't successfully save the very last part of the conversation so it ends a bit abruptly.

As its discussing the Stallone Dredd movie you'll probably wish it ended even more abruptly  :)

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Flint and Rich take a shot at podcasting without a net. No editing. No cutting out the nasty bits. Record it, post it, job done.

So... apologies for any uncorrected sound issues or stupidity

Progs 1779 & 80 are reviewed in detail so expect spoilers

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Flint and Luke check out progs 1777 & 1778

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Flint is joined by Luke to check out progs 1775 & 1776

As always the progs are discussed in detail so expect spoilers

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Rich and Flint check out progs 1772-74 and generally swear and piss about a lot.

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Flint, Al and Luke check out progs 1770 and 1771

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In this MASSIVE interview, Flint is joined by Pat Mills, the man without whom there would be no 2000AD.

As you'll hear from the start some topics were thought probably best left out but Mr Mills was insistant the whole thing should go out uncensored in order to set a few records straight. As a result this does jump straight in without much fanfare as what was thought a pre-podcast chat while setting up became part of it.

Questions from the 2000AD forums are answered and Pat discusses all aspects of his work and his history with 2000AD.

As we said, it's a long one.... but if you get the chance to talk to Pat Mills about 2000AD you get as much as you can.

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Flint and Al check out progs 1768 & 69

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Flint and Luke check out progs 1766 & 7

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After an extended leave of absence planning comic cons and editing small press anthologies, the ladies are back in a Mega catch up episode working through issues 313-319 of the Megazine.

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Rich and Flint are joined by Pete Wells of the 2000AD Covers Uncovered website to go through their favourite covers of 2011

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Flint and Luke check out progs 1764 & 65

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Flint is joined by Luke and Al to check out the big end of year 2012 special edition.

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