Everything Comes Back to 2000AD

The Cabin Fever Episode!

Mr. Ross has watched 'Magadheera' and gives more wrasslin' info. John's delivery adventures. Flint is watching 'The English Game'. The top pick of the Prog might surprise people.

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Are you Social Distancing properly?
Johns neighbor leaves him a very polite note. Mr. Ross has a busy Weekend. Special Guest Dave enjoyed his birthday. Jonny Midge gets a mention. The 'Cor! Buster Special' is a huge hit for the gang. Enjoy this 3hr plus Progcast during these hard and trying times.

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The Literary Vandalism Episode.
John goes down the rabbit hole. 'Chris, close the door!'. John has bought the latest 'Judges' and 'Deadworld' books. The collapse of Diamond Distributors and the end of the comic book industry in it's current form. Boring Old Picard. Julia Child. The Adventures of Hershey Before She Wuz Dead!

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Life in the Time of Covid-19!
Nice extra weekend Progcast. Don't say we don't spoil you!
'Essential Worker' John and Mr. Ross talk about YouTube celebrity concerts. Mr. Ross Dad is alive and well. What do YOU think of D'Isaeli's art?

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Caz has taken social distancing to a new level by locking John in the Cellar of Dredd. Mr. Ross and Flint are joined by The Eggman himself, Julius Howe.

How has life changed for the crazy gang? Is there a New World Order and which Lizard Overlords are running it? Not only does the prog get reviewed but the lads also review 'Sentinel:Special Delivery' and the 'Action 2020' Special.

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